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  1. There is virtually no difference between an overclocked i7 and a stock i5 in Valley. Saw it on JayzTwoCents with my own eyes. That's why Valley is the best benchmark to measure a GPU's raw power I guess.
  2. Hello there, fellow Skyrim nerd here. I'm pretty sure the cards are just fine, it just so happens that Skyrim+ENB doesn't really like SLI-CF setups. You really need to do a lot of things to get it work and there is a good chance that you never will. But I'm also sure that you shouldn't be getting that low FPS, try to change your SLI profile for Skyrim. Also make sure that you have Temporal AA disabled in enblocal.ini. I would advise you to take this topic to ENB's own forums but I don't think even Boris could help you since he already stated a lot of times that he never meant to make ENB compatible with multi GPUs. His own words: "Folks, sli and crossfire are hacks, they have several methods to draw screen and because i can't test myself - do not support them. Low performance happen, because videodriver can't decide which of my data is independent between frames, so transfering them to another videocard, this is how i understand the problem. I tried to make changes like was said in sli programming guides, but that did nothing actually. Wanna have good performance in general? Configure mod properly. In 4k or supersampling you don't need full size ssao at highest quality, as example, you just don't see difference."
  3. Poll options could be better I guess, it seems like you have to answer the same question 3-4 times. Maybe you thought that as a safety mechanism but when you check it, it doesn't actually add up.
  4. I would still appreciate further inputs on this subject.
  5. CPU: 4670K @ 4600 GPU: 280X @ 1200/1750 FPS: 50.4 Score: 2111 Setting: Extreme HD
  6. No need to argue over simple matters guys. I'm just trying to get the best out of a GTX 970, that's all.
  7. Where I live, GTX 970 is almost half the price of GTX980(1000TL vs 1900TL[roughly 444usd vs 855usd]). So I assumed if I overclock my GTX 970 with a waterblock(and since I already have a room in my case for intake 2x120 fans, i thought it would be a good idea to make use of them) it might perform better than GTX980 and still be cooler and cheaper. Was I wrong?
  8. I am yet to find a thread or a review about this. Has anyone managed to use GTX 970 on liquid cooling at good clock speeds?
  9. I actually own an H110, and I would still say you should get X61 Kraken, only reason I didn't is that it's not available in my country. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite happy with the temps I'm getting with H110, but I think I would be much happier with X61 since I also care about RGB Led and those tiny little features that comes with it. I also wonder can anyone suggest good fans for H110? I wanna replace the stock fans.
  10. GTX 980 AMP! Extreme is probably the best 980 out there. Can't think of any other card that can beat it. It also comes with everything that I can possibly ever ask for.