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  1. I'm sad that you guys didn't test the windows 10 built-in spatial sound "windows sonic" and regarding that, in the windows settings for the headphones did you turn on the "turn on 7.1 surround sound" setting? As you can see in this imagE?
  2. My SSD (PNY XLR8 240GB) was working perfectly fine until slightly over a month ago when write speeds became extremely low (now averaging 2.2MB/s) when i first got it, it averaged 480MB/s. My reads on the other hand are very high 500Mb/s, I've tried switching cables, switches from intel sata connector to the other one in my mobo (z77 sabertooth) i tried checking for drivers and found none and even firmwares but also none. I've also made sure its AHCI in the bios settings which it is. I've also tried reformatting windows and that only took about 28 hours and i do not know what to do anymore, i've contacted pny a month ago and all they have done is : 1 - Not reply to me 2 - Remove said product from their website here is a month old image of the AS SSD benchmark http://gyazo.com/da5f94c11fd3e90683b53ca6363b95e6i wasn't able to complete after an hour or so it so i gave up. and now i cant even properly play videos on youtube or multitask because my drive is 100% all the time. my other drives are working fine and my SSHD reaches 120Mb read/write easily so i do not think its a problem with the connectors or cables (i've switched between them with no luck). what can i do in this case?
  3. My first comment here, well i just registered. Anyway, I have a 780 AMP here on my system i wouldn't mind an upgrade at all.. awesome card.