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  1. I was also thinking read error. I'm not really concerned about the safety of the system so much as I hate how the fans go from quiet to jet engine so much. But those are things I plan on switching down the road Here is my set up
  2. @Benjeh i flipped the fans on top as intake, it lowered the average temps by maybe 3-5 degrees. I feel like its my fault for not specifying more clearly my question. My cpu temps dont sit at 60 consistently, they jump 24-40-30-60-28-50, usually when Im loading an application or waking from sleep or oddly enough going to sleep. While I know cpu temps should increase when a new instruction set is delivered i dont think it should be spastic. My next tests will be Tim application, and fan controller, maybe the fan hub that came with the case is just basic. Anyway I'll update with more testing but I am chipping away at it slowly
  3. NICE!. If i have the ambition I have a 360 PE Rad in the closet, I might replace the 240 front with that, and get some extra intake
  4. no, that will be a weekend thing, im going to replace the TIM as well and play around with everything then. right now im sitting comfy at 40C on GPU and 52C CPU
  5. Figured it out. My PWM controller for the front fans was jacked, fixed, it up and now im getting 50 CPU underload, and 34 GPU
  6. If thats the case, then why would I have had lower temps before, When i was running in the Phanteks case I had the top 360 pushing air out, the rear exhausting as default and just a basic 140 rad up front pulling air in. in the prime95 stress test on that set up my cpu hit 60c after 1.5 hours. I don't mean to de-credit or disrespect your suggestion, i just dont see how before when I had even less intake i was still getting better cooling.
  7. So have the 360 rad pull air in and have the front push it out?
  8. Dude, you have no idea how many times I pulled the front panel off to work on it...forgetting there is a door, old habits die hard I guess. I'll open it up and let you know how it goes.
  9. Fractal Design Define R6 is my current, i will say that it's a fantastic case...however it does feel "thicker" than my old Phantek's Pro M, and the "rear" side panel has a sound dampener on it, maybe its retaining heat?
  10. I think my GPU temps are fine for my card tbh, lower than it use to its, only the cpu thats the concern..maybe the fans, what your opinion on the vardars, i been eyeing the vardar 120? Im using the EK TIM on the GPU, and Cooler Master TIM on the CPU, thinking of maybe replacing that with either EK or A.S
  11. Fans I could see, but not the rad, ran the same rads before with no issue. You think the GPU at 45-50 is high?
  12. Noted, So I'm just being slightly anal :). Thanks for the insight, I'll mess with the curves and a few other things and see how it goes. Maybe my fans just suck
  13. I can mess with them more. In your opinion though is 65 "high" or am I being picky?
  14. Man I hope its not gunked up i stripped those things down and cleaned them well, I can send screenshots of my fan curves when i get home if that helps.