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  1. Lolol, and he did say that Apple has features that makes them better. Yeah, people will always save a lot more money than a piece of scam garbage than any Apple products releases for hardware and software if they opt not to get any proprietary stuff from Apple, I wouldn't know some idiot that would spend that much on a gaming computer unless some person is a macfanboy or just an idiot and would go and buy a really expensive Mac gaming computer for $6,000-$10,000 when you can get significantly less for about $2,000 even the $2,000 would have better hardware and specs than the gaming mac computer, logic? Lol. This guy talks about how apple gives easier accessibility, more convenient, blah blah stuff everything about Apple's mobile os and features a lot better than Google or maybe even other mobile os... like what? One of the reasons why I'm thankful that I stopped going to my local community college and transferred to my local university. Most of the computer and IT professors at my communiy college are into Apple's products and always brag about how good Apple is.... like yeah okay, like Microsoft, google, etc. doesn't have those features in their products, os, and software At least the computer and IT professors there are more reasonable and aren't into Apple products at all, my programming teacher especially is still using Microsoft products because he knows about how arrogant MAC users are. This guy is an idiot for even saying Apple is great in that regard because really they aren't. He's been really brainwashed for whatever the case may be that made him into a Mac***/Apple fanboy. What has the world become? Lol.
  2. I've never been on any advocate side for any companies but I believe my so-called tech geek friend of mines who I've known since high school (about 10 years now, he's a few years older than me) has been on Apple for years now. Thing that gets me about Apple/Mac users is that they're so egotistical and think they're the best. Recently WWDC a few weeks ago Apple unveiled some new software and new future announcements to its products, what do you guys think about their software? I'm not trying to hate on apple as I'm not a fan, biased, advocate of anything, but it seems like this message that a friend of mines who's a tech savvy enthusiast on latest gadgets and products really loves Apple's products and software, I don't know why. He's been like this for about almost 6 years now, he repairs and fixes computers for a living but doesn't really have the trade certification, education at anything due to his disability. Anyway, this is what he said: "Just watched the WWDC 2016 live stream from Apple and I have to say this... If you don't already own an apple device you're just not getting the most of your daily life, and in the upcoming releases of the OS versions, these things could almost feed you with a single tap. They have so many things that just work, that make your life that much easier, your fitness activities even easier, accessibility for handicapped users with the Apple Watch, the list is unending... Things to remember: Apple doesn't give us unnecessary features and things like most android users have. Those are things we just don't need. Air gestures and always on screens for time (battery waster experts) and so many more ultimately useless features. (***cough*** Samsung...) android is a great OS but you cannot beat the stability of this phone I have. I now have a much more solid business just because of this iPhone. Had the note 3. Was ok but always had issues with space even when it was only half full. Apps constantly lagging or crashing. Not this. This is Rock solid. That's because it's backed by a Closed Source version of Linux. Google uses an open source version and therefore quality is not guaranteed. Most people end up hating Apple devices simply because they don't understand for take the time to understand how it all works. Well, with android everything you are treated like a child with everything already laid out for you. Heaven forbid you are made to actually do something or figure it out. that's what Apple is about. Getting your mind moving. Encouraging productivity and fitness, etc. getting back to the simple things. I dare you to go sit in the Apple Store and just learn some life changing things. I'm pumped because I'm about to get a major overhaul to my phone in the next iOS version to make life even simpler and thought I would share that. You won't ever see what I saw in any other device or type. 5 years ago I would have said no to Apple because it wasn't quite fine tuned enough but now I won't use an android. android has become too lavish with too many things. Don't forget also about the 1.2 Million pounds of bloat ware (preloaded apps) that come with every branded device taking up more than half the space " This isn't really true and I beg to differ with what he has to say about Apple's products, I'm not saying Android is a bad OS but he complains about all the pre-loaded bloatware Android has which isn't necessarily true, at least from my experience. Other than that Apple still is no way superior than Microsoft or Android. I was wondering if anyone agrees completely or to some degree with what my friend said from his little statement here about Apple and their product and software? Because I really don't, all those things aren't really true but I'd like to hear what your guys thoughts are. Like I said I'm not fan or advocate of any company. Thanks.
  3. Hmm... well still waiting for my power supply to arrive and will give an update about this. Do you guys think it might be my motherboard? The motherboard is from 2008, I don't know if it's a motherboard problem, one of the capacitors might have died. I hope it's just my PSU and not my motherboard.. ><
  4. Okay thanks for info, really appreciate it. Hopefully once I upgrade there's no problems with any of the parts I've ordered, and that I'll be able to use my previous harddrive from my Q6600 to my new one with the i7-4790k without any problems
  5. So you said you've done it when upgrading your system and using your previous harddrive with an OS installed on it with all your files, etc. to your new upgraded mobo and cpu, but you didn't have errors, right? Hopefully I'll be able to do that and I won't have any problems. I just have to download drivers for my mobos and stuff right. How do I update bios or flash bios?
  6. No, lol. I would just like to know if I can just use my old harddrive's OS installed and use it on the new one so I don't have to reformat. Will I have any errors if I do? I mean, all i have to do is just update the drivers on my motherboard, right?
  7. Yes, I know it's old. So what? What advice can you give me for overclocking an i7-4790k, can it be stabled if I overclock it to 4.5ghz-4.8ghz? What's a sweet spot?
  8. Wait a minute, what happened to the other posters? I really need help guys. I think I've decided to get the i7-4790k. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to overclock? By the way, the motherboard I've decided to go with is this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813132116 So what do I do in Bios settings to change settings? With the Cooler master Hyper 212 Evo, can I overclock it to a 4.4-4.8ghz? I just want to know if I can just plug in my old harddrive and it'll just boot up to my destktop just fine, but I'll just need to download drivers for my mobo. Can I do this?
  9. I would also like to know if anybody can tell me what's a decent overclock speed can I get to with a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, can I go 3.8ghz-4.0ghz? I'll need help trying to setup my computer because I didn't really setup my old Q6600 computer, someone built it for me but I know basic Bios settings. What key buttons are there should I press to take me to bios or what are some of the buttons I should press when going to some screen? I heard some of the f1-f12 buttons help me choose where to boot from. But should I ever upgrade to the i7-5820km I would like to know where in the bios do I go to change the volts or whatever and also what else I need to know so I can some settings in the bios like booting drive, slave drive, my optical drive, my ram speed, etc.
  10. So I'm upgrading from an old system because it's giving me problems now but I have saved enough money to buy upgrade my system which I'm going to be using for a lot of things. It's like a semi-workstation because I'm also going to be gaming but using it for other things like running a lot of apps, and also for Graphic design, video editing, and rendering. Doing so will seem to me that will take up a lot of load on my CPU and RAM, so I'd figured going the extra 2 cores for the 6 core from the new Haswell-E will help me. So my question is, should I just upgrade to the new 5820k for more future proof, and plus I won't be upgrading for a while since I'll be using my DDR4 for a while? Or should I just get a i7 4790k/4770k which saves me a little more money but considering DDR3 will be somewhat obsolete by the next few years, i would rather not get 4790k/4770k The problem tho is that the entry level of the Haswell-E which is the 5820k at $390, but only supports up 28 PCIE lanes, whereas the other ones in 5930k and 5960x have 40 PCIE lanes. But if I'm only using 1 GPU though and not going more than 2 GPUs or 3, will it make much of a difference? I'll be using the same Graphics card which I just upgraded from my old system which is the GTX 760 2gb though. I see that the i7 4790k or the 4770k is maxed at16 PCIE lanes. So will I be able to run at PCI Express 3.0 at X16 speed? And what's the difference between the 4790k and the 4770k? I heard that the 4790k has better cooling and a little more energy efficient plus it's at 4ghz. Also, may I be able to use my old harddrive with its OS in it and just plug it in my new system once I build and assemble my new computer without having to reinstall windows or reformat my windows? I mean, will there be errors but can it be fixed if I just download drivers for my mobo and stuff? I'll need help with this because I don't know how to overclock or change some settings in BIOS to make my computer bootable from my previous harddrive if it has the OS installed from my Q6600 system. Here's the parts I'm getting and using some of the parts I already bought from my previous system: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2TzXhM By the way, I will be upgrading from my former old system: Intel Core Quad Q6600 3.0ghz Corsair XMS2 8gb(4x2gb)(DDR2-800) eVGA nVidia GeForce GTX 760 2gb Corsair TX750w watts Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium 2tb Western Digital Black 3x4tb Hitachi HGST Deskstar NAS
  11. Okay, so it's actually my PSU then based on the symptoms I've posted? Also, what you're saying in some of your sentences don't makesense, what do you mean I won't be asking? I won't be asking what? Anyhow, I just ordered a new Power Supply on newegg, it's the Cooler Master V750: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817171094
  12. Okay, thanks for recommending a power supply to me and I will look into those. But just to make sure, is there any sort of way to test if it's really my power supply that's causing the random restarts on my computer or something else? It's probably my power supply just to be sure though.
  13. Oh, I didn't know about that, that's good to know... didn't realize that about Corsair though. So what PSU do you recommend me getting and may you link me a good Power Supply that's 600w-800w? I see that you have a OCZ ModXStream, also your sig shows "OCX" just want to let you know that you should fix that to a "OCZ". Does OCZ make good power supplies and do they make their own supplies unlike Corsair? I had the GameXStream 600w back in 2008, but yeah I upgraded to the Corsair TX750 back in August 2010.
  14. Yeah, my computer would randomly reboot, which I had this problem with my super old computer back in 2004-2005 and I realized it was my power supply. So I'm guessing that might also be related to this problem that I'm having so I figured it's my power supply, do you think? Also, what's CWT? Why isn't it good that it's not CWT based?