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  1. Single Thread performance matter, AMD 2 cores next to Intel 2 cores, Intel G3258 wins in gaming.
  2. FIY Intel G3258 70$ beats the crap of FX-8350 in gaming, specially overclocked.
  3. It would be a downgrade in gaming to go with AMD, get a second 780 if you want more gaming performance.
  4. AMD aren't satanic products, what's that lollll when AMD fan boys recommend FX-8350 for 160-200$ for gaming, they get butt hurt when I say G3258 for 70$
  5. I reported you and I block you now, that's enough.
  6. All the way! Don't let the AMD fan boys fool you.
  7. I've not tested the Asus one but the Creative is a blast for the audio, you will get a lot of misleading people that will tell you sound card don't matter anymore but they are wrong, even on 100$+ I notice the amazing sound coming from ZXR sound card.
  8. AMD overheating problems... do the usual cooling check up, as you did already cleaning your computer, change your thermal paste, look for better airflow.
  9. I like Bose headphone for the clear sound with no biaised sound signature that make the software EQ goes wrong. But no Bose for home theater.
  10. Whatever GTX 760 4 GB you like, the lowest specs of each aspect of the card will decrease the performance of the other one.
  11. There are worse AA and there are better AA for sure. It would be a lie to say go for 4 GB you will be fine, since it bottleneck already, imagine how it's gonna looks like in few years
  12. loll do you remember when most people were saying 2 GB VRAM is enough and anything over is overkill ? lol BF4 isn't unplayable because of the VRAM limit I hit, I just have to turn off many filters and it's working but yeah lol
  13. Asus ones with Trace Free technology for virtual 2ms response.