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  1. orlando690

    How to remove box around pinned tiles?

    In the present I used the method of a photo, with a combination of words, as I'm not using a pc for this or wanted to go find cables to then figure out what folder in the phone would have been the one to the set screenshot into, and I definitely didn't want to go through the trouble of resetting password.
  2. orlando690

    How to remove box around pinned tiles?

    I set a picture to make sure I'm understood becuase I can not find anything on this. Anyone know how to make it so just the icons show up no border around the tiles?
  3. orlando690

    Ram OC

    Check this out natively your CPU doesn't support past 2933, it let's you overclock over that though, but that's overclock over 2933. Your 3400 native ram won't work at 3400 at all. You are not overclocking you are underclocking your ram frequency. What timings are you rated for? Maybe that you can overclock (lower) and not under clock (increase). Have you tried lowering in the same manner (not same values) that was recommended to me? You don't need to buy another ram stick you have some good stuff there.
  4. orlando690

    Nvme system compression speeds?

    Good thing I asked. All I knew is that a good cpu was required for this and 8 cores was good for this. I have 8+8 unless the threads don't count. I'll look into ssds, hate the extra wire that comes from it, but an SSD might actually look nice. I do have 1 more nvme slot but I'll save that for when I can buy a 1tb nvme
  5. Anybody ever used the windows 10 system compression under drive properties? I have a 512gb 3k/2.5k nvme and already used over half of the space, was wondering if it would be a good idea. System specs on signiture below. Most of this space is from games and I will also use this on stuff I will be doing in unreal engine 4. I dont mind compressing windows OS. I got it down to 20 gigs already by deleting a hole bunch of stuff but hey even 1 gig more of savings would be nice. Ps I dont know how to use the thing I just noticed it yesterday. On searches I've found I read mostly good things, but there's little information about it (atleast info which I can actually understand)
  6. orlando690

    Ram OC

    Sorry but, lol. Should have read supported ram. 3000mhz isn't even supported natively, 2933 is then you can overclock from there. I wouldn't mind switching ram if the timing isn't past CL16
  7. orlando690

    Ram OC

    @alatron978 I tried xmp and it was just completely unstable. On ryzen master I saw some new settings (2) and decided to lower the timing on those just a bit because I got tired of all the troubleshooting on xmp. Didn't stress test yet it yet because I wanted to play metro Exodus and left pc doing other things after. But once I do I'll lower the timings more if I can. Question about gpu OC So yesterday I got a stable +110 clock and +719 memory. I mean game stable not max OC stable, that reached +119 clock and +810 memory. Today I try playing and I can't run sottr benchmark at same OC as yesterday. I decided to do kombuster and it got artifacing something that I had not gotten yesterday. Had to go down to +104(gpu never liked +105 for some reason) and +710. And seems fine. I know if I need to for sure 100 and 700 are golden, but any ideas there? Also I tested ram at 3200 like I had it and fps are the same as this OC (Sottr)(although frames rendered was a lot closer to first benchmarks before I started to OC) I don't get what happened I've tried testing to see what setting was low enough to cause this and I can't find it. My gpu OC now gets me to same fps and very similar frames rendered. Very wierd and kind of worrying shit here. I feel like I should OC my cpu now to get more performance, all ryzen 3000 series don't OC much they all reach (up to 3800x) 4.3 so I find it pointless but I notice I rarely hit 4.2 in games so it calls my name. First time I OC anything. Started with RAM because it had lifetime warranty and said fuck it let's do it all. Fucking ray tracing is killer, without it 1440p isn't that bad. Crazy thing is I don't even care about playing with 30fps because I can't notice much difference but now that I got all this gear I want higher numbers.
  8. orlando690

    Ram OC

    Don't use xmp profile or check that your bios update is rated for it. I built another with a 3400g and tomohawk. I'm sure there's been an update for it since I last did it because my mortar got an update which is when I tried out xmp on the mortar. Point is because of the new ryzen 3000 series new bios has been reduced and certain things cut, so just don't use xmp. Manually set the frequency to 3400. If you want set the (fclk?) to 3400÷2. Ddr4 Mhz = fclk*2. Before that though I would personally clear the cmos just to be sure bios is completely stock but you can do what you want. I know very little so don't be surprised if this doesn't help
  9. orlando690

    Ram OC

    How long does the test take or should I run it for? Thanks for all the help it gives me ram at the best it can be. Best of all I didn't even need to go to 1.4 since it didn't help so I'm well below safe margins there, and I have lifetime warranty. Still haven't had time to test out 3200 on SOTTR bench, I think I'll do that first since by what you said that will be a faster indicator of error correcting. Edit: Checked out some videos and don't see membench anywhere
  10. I set something on the ram to 420 from 460 where it was stable. Now it's stuck on post. I have been clearing cmos with a metal clip on the motherboard 2 pins for that. Left it there for 30 seconds and still nothing. Pic is stable right before I tried 460 (it's 3000mhz ram)
  11. orlando690

    Ram OC

    @alatron978 Update: Tried it out had to leave trcdrd at 19 because it was unstable. Trtp sets at 5 but then it shows 6 my guess is something isn't letting it go that low or it just displays wrong value; Cas Latency won't go lower either even after apply/test. How much can I lower the 5 & 8 and 3 & 11? Went to 460 from 470 about to try 420(clear cmos now, lol) I haven't tested with any test just benchmark SOTTR. You mentioned hcu memtest. How do I do that? I know memtest86 does an image on usb but that starts a automatic default test, is there another after that on the screen that has other options? I will also set ram to 3200 on bios like I had it before because I want to see if changing this caused it to loose fps. I don't get what could have caused lower fps and frames rendered i am missing ~600 frames. There was 1 setting that when changed it boosted my fps to 81 (previously 84) and also added ~600 frames. But now after all that you see on the picture I still can't get the frames or fps back. I'll see how it goes with xmp and changing it to 3200mhz in bios, no dragon center or ryzen master.
  12. orlando690

    Ram OC

    Can't set voltage on bios. All I can do is set frequency and fclk. Voltage and timings are all greyd out. Read trcd isn't stable at 18. So I guess I reached this rama limit? Buildzoid lists this as one of the best for OC.See here
  13. orlando690

    Ram OC

    Rated at 3000mhz. I disabled xmp profile. And I'm trying 3333, 3400 will cause me to reset cmos. It's annoying. I dont see voltage on ryzen master so I go back and forward to dragon center. Mobo sucks because they had to remove alot for it to take the new 30000 series.
  14. orlando690

    Ram OC

    @alatron978 Once I set trcdrd to 10 I have to clear cmos. Tried auto tras and 44. Voltage at 1.4
  15. orlando690

    Ram OC

    DO you mean trcdwr I can find everything else except trcd I tried it with trcdwr on the first step. Now my SOTTR benchmark fps is much lower. There is a possibility that yesterday when I opened up GeForce experienced I may have changed some settings but in game everything is the same (dlss was turned off for some reason but I turned it back on)