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  1. I'm thinking of upgrading my graphic card to improve my gaming experience.. my goal is to be able to run Odyssey at the highest setting / frame-rate on a 1440p monitor.. I'm currently using a GTX 1080 ROG strix ..If I upgrade to RTX 2080ti, I'm concerned I won't see a huge improvement if my CPU becomes a bottleneck.
  2. Wayne Tai

    Will 5820k bottleneck a GTX 2080ti at 1440p?

    I'll be playing at 1440p.. 2080 ti is not cheap and I don't want to spend so much just for a 5 - 10% increase in FPS.
  3. Wayne Tai

    Gtx 970 still a good card?

    The trouble with GTX 970 is the 3.5G V ram which is not quite enough for modern titles.. I ran into a lot of frame drop issues because of it and it's frustrating.. having 2 cards in SLI won't help. I sold my 2 GTX 970 2 years ago and upgraded to a single GTX 1080.. It was one of the best upgrade decision.. Games run smoother .. have a higher min. fps and more stable in general. You might want to wait for GPU price to come down though,
  4. Wayne Tai

    should i upgrade my pc or buy a new one

    I think the i5 will do just fine.. CPU is seldom the bottleneck for most titles. especially if he is gaming at higher resolution.
  5. Wayne Tai

    Best resolution for gaming (2018)

    I suppose you're right.. I have some doubts as to whether my GPU can take advantage of the higher pixel count in 4K. Right now I'm playing Assassin's creed which is fairly hard to run. Technology seems to be slowing down in the GPU department which is a sad thing.
  6. Wayne Tai

    Best resolution for gaming (2018)

    Is 1440p still the best resolution for playing triple A games? I have a non G-sync (I use v-sync) 1440p 60hz monitor and I'm thinking what my next upgrade should be. Should I go for a higher refresh rate 1440p or a 4K panel? I'm not sure if my GTX 1080 can handle 4K and still churn out 100+ frames per sec.
  7. Wayne Tai

    It is ok to power 2 GTX 1060s from 1 12V rail?

    it's the same as powering a single 240W card so I think it should be fine.
  8. Wayne Tai

    Issues with Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

    Hi.. Thanks for your reply.. I tried that too.. there is no difference in performance so I don't think SLI is the issue.
  9. Help please .. I have a decent gaming set up but yet I have trouble maintaining 60 fps on this old title playing at 1440p. Many have suggested turning PhyX off which I've tried.I have done that but I'm still having frame dips every 30 secs or so to low 40 fps.. it makes the game really unplayable. In game both my GPU usage is only approx 30%, sometimes lower and none of my CPU core is near 100% so there is not CPU bottleneck. Specs: i7-5820k at 4.2Ghz and Asus GTX 1080 ROG Strix in SLI (stock), Windows 10 DX12
  10. Wayne Tai

    Disable SLI = Save Power?

    But if I only have 1 monitor and I turn off SLI, the 2nd GPU will be in idle no? I don't want pull out the cards because the RGB effect lok great on my set-up
  11. Wayne Tai

    Disable SLI = Save Power?

    I upgraded to 2 Asus GTX 1080 ROG Strix recently and I run them on SLI. Since i have a 1440p 60 fps monitor, it's overkill for most of the games I'm playing - I'm planning to upgrade to the Asus PG279Q with 1440p and 165 Hz refresh rate but that won't happen until august. If I am playing less demanding games, will it do any good to disable SLI for now? Another to ask the question is: If I have 1 GPU at 100% load vs 2 GPUs at 50% load .. which one consumes more power? I usually cap my frame rates at 60 anyway.
  12. Wayne Tai

    Display not coming from Primary GPU in SLI set up

    I put 2 cards back, enabled SLI, disable SLI again and then charge the display port connector to the top card. Now it's working.. thanks for your reply though.
  13. I encountered a strange problem after upgrading to Asus GTX 1080 ROG strix recently.. Since I installed the cards on my Asus X99-A motherboard, the display is coming from the bottom PCIE x8 slot instead of the default x16 slot (the one closer to the CPU) It doesn't matter if I switch the cards, the display would still come from x8 slot instead of x16. Is there a way to fix this? I am okay with having the x8 slot as the primary GPU but I just can't figure out why that is the case..
  14. Wayne Tai

    Display not coming from Primary GPU in SLI set up

    It's black screen after BIOS.. I tried with single card and the issue persist. If there PCIE slot is faulty, I should not be able to play games in SLI. This is weird..
  15. Wayne Tai

    Does SLI Bridge matter?

    I'm using the stock SLI bridge that came with the X99-A Asus motherboard. One area of my rig that I think I can upgrade to make it look better overall is the SLI bridge, but they seem to be quite expensive considering it is just a cable. Apart from the physical appearance, are there any other benefits of using after-market SLI bridges?
  16. Wayne Tai

    GTX 1050 2GB or RX 480 4GB?

    RX 480 for better bang for bucks and higher Vram.
  17. I need a new budget-friendly laptop purely for gaming and media consumption. I already have a rig so I don't need anything too crazy - this is just for my GF to use when she comes over. Preference: GPU - GTX 950m or should I wait for GTX 1050Ti? Storage - SSD is a must! Processor - Skylake / Kabylake preferred Ram - 8GB Display - 1080p Looking at a budget of around 1,000 USD exclude shipping, with decent built quality of course. Thanks in advance for your recommendations.
  18. Wayne Tai

    Gaming laptop on a budget

    Yea I just saw it. Really good bargain.. Hard to trump this one on the price/ performance.
  19. Wayne Tai

    Gaming laptop on a budget

    This one looks good indeed. Since you're using this personally, are there additional slots to install SSD ?
  20. Wayne Tai

    For those who played The Witcher

    Witcher 3.. best game I've ever played. I wish they make more games like this. I didn't play the first 2 installments but I did read the story before playing Witcher 3 - it does help you understand the lore.
  21. Wayne Tai

    Second 970 vs new GPU?

    If you can afford, a single more expensive GPU is always better than SLI. Not all games scale well with SLI. I am using 970 SLI on 1440p by the way
  22. Wayne Tai

    What was your first horrible graphics card?

    GT440 was the first GPU I own. It wasn't horrible though - served me well. I upgraded from that to 970 SLI.
  23. Wayne Tai

    Nvme and Raid 0

    Hi LTT, Question: If you have a pair of Sata based SSD in Raid 0 and an NVME SSD from Samsung, which one would you use for OS and which one to store games? storage capacity out of the equation.. just looking to maximize game performance and start up time.
  24. Wayne Tai

    Nvme and Raid 0

    That makes complete sense. I can't wait for the new Samsung 960 Evo.
  25. Wayne Tai

    SSD Upgrade

    My setup : 2 x Samsung 850 Pro SSD giving me a total of 500 GB - I install my OS and games on it. I have try to accomplish 2 things 1. More storage space - Games are getting bigger these days and I want to avoid having to uninstall / reinstall games 2. Faster boot time - I notice that my PC is taking longer to boot than my Alienware laptop, which is running on a 250GB SSD and a single GTX 980m, despite running the same version of windows. Question: what would be a good upgrade option? should I get a PCIE based SSD for OS/ work related softwares and use my 850 Pros to house all my games? I reckon I need another 500 GB for the time being.