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  1. As the title of the post implies, I'm in the market for a new computer mouse as im having too many connection issues with my current mouse (i.e. stutters, noticeable input lag, and just flat out not working for 5-10+ minutes) was originally planning to go with the viper as its on top of RocketJumpNinja's list while the DA only ranks 9th, but i wonder if the DA's tried and true reputation could make a difference in its quality or more so durability. In that some light the DA has connected LMB and RMB to the frame which also lead to better durability. I like the extra 2 buttons on the right side of the Viper but not a fan of the slimmer/lower profile to them. Lastly I'm very concerned with the actual ergonomics of the mouse, does anyone have any input of the Viper's ambidextrous design being less comfortable for attempting to fit the needs of left and right handed folks?? Thanks for any and all input. Keep clicking heads, and have a good one y'all
  2. Vessel account Username: Pancakesplatter Watched and commented on videos: 1. https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 2. https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf I wish vessel's commenting system was more similar to Youtube so that comments wouldnt be buried away as quickly... But I like the clean material look, its just a little low res atm...
  3. any other monitor suggestions out there?
  4. The 900 series just came out. Its cheap, has high performance, has high icing potential and just came out
  5. Monitor looks great but its $450 for just one...
  6. Yeah I only get around 38-48fps playing watchdogs on a monitor that isn't even 1080 or special in any other way. Aulthou watchdogs wasn't built for PC.
  7. Hey forums! This is my first post here but I've used the forums and am an active veiwer on the YouTube channel. I have a question id like to ask that hopefully some of you guys can help answer for me. As of now, I have a xbox360, xboxone, and a PC i'd like to hook up to two different monitors. The idea is that my consoles and PC will all be connected to my secondary monitor and only my PC will be hooked up to my primary monitor. My current PC will be able to run two 1080 monitors at a fairly low frame rate ( i use a gtx 760 atm) but I plan on buying a gtx 980 (if not two 980s) so I am fairly confident my PC won't have a problem with that. My true only question is what monitor would you guys reccomend for me to buy? I have HDMIs for both systems and use a dvi for my PC. So the monitor will need 1 dvi and 2 HDMIs each for everything to be plugged in. I want a monitor with a low response time and input lagg so that gaming will be nice! I'm not sure if I should get over 60hz so I'll leave that up yo you. I'm also thinking I'd want a 1080p/1200p/1440p monitor with a picture aspect ratio at 16:9, and a size near 24"-27" (more is better ), and I would like to spend under $450 for the pair. Thanks guys for any info you have to offer and I'm sorry if I had grammer/spelling issues, hopefully its not to hard to read.