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    i7 870
  • Motherboard
    Dell Mobo LGA1156
  • RAM
    8gb DDR3 1333mhz
  • GPU
    XFX R9-280
  • Case
    Thermaltake Core V31
  • PSU
    Antec TP-750

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  1. So I have a Cooler Master MWE Gold 650 Watt Fully Modular, Compact, Silent Fan 80 PLUS Gold, bought it last year around now. One day the computer shut down abruptly and didnt post, i would turn on the system, fan would whir, mobo would light up and then it went dead. Cleared CMOS, nothing, did everything except test a new PSU. Was going to test with an older PSU, but first i decided to jump the Cooler Master PSU with a paper clip. That worked and it lit up a case fan i used to test. Out of curiosity I plugged my PSU to the Mobo and it POSTed. So I am thinking if the PSU needs to be RMA'd and If i RMA it, would using the paper clip jumpstart method void the warranty?
  2. So I bought a new Cooler Master TX3 to replace the broken heatsink of my i7-870. This was the first time I was installing a heatsink - my system is a pre-build. I did not know exactly how the push pin worked so I tried and so far 3 of the push pins is clicked in the back. One of the push pins is bent and wont click properly at the back of the mobo. So It seems that the heatsink is not properly set against the cpu and my idle temps are ranging from 45c to 99C when at CPU is at load while gaming!! I am in Canada, where can I find replacement parts for my heatsink, or should I just buy a new heatsink, preferably ones with screws instead of push pins? Note: my case can only support fans whose height is more than 155mm aka fans size of 92mm or less, so Hyper 212 EVO is out,
  3. Hey WD Cap, Mostly running games for it. PLan was to get a smaller SSD for boot drive and then a WD black for mt games library I already have a WD green for backup and an External WD Live Duo for backups too
  4. I was planning on buying the WD Black 1tb hdd. Reviews on Newegg.ca are showing lot of recent purchasers drives have been failing after few months of usage. Is this just the luck of the silicon draw? Should I consider something from Seagate that is the equivalent of a WD Black series?
  5. Its a Dell Mobo, no OC possible. Also my the power draw goes above 95W when in Turbo and fans cant keep the temps low!!
  6. So my pre-build Dell computer is 6 years old running an i7-870 cpu. I like playing Witcher 3 and I wonder if my CPU is bottlenecking my GPU, an R9-280 as I am averaging 45-50fps in 1080p regardless of High or Ultra setting. What GPU would be an upgrade over my current GPU from a budget build stance? My single thread performance however around 1100 and multi-thread around 4500 according to CPU-Z. Main function of machine will be gaming for leisure, Excel/Spreadsheet usage and Web Browser based Apps usage for work - No editing content creation/Twitch broadcast whatsoever.
  7. I'm planning on upgrading my build at some point. Waiting for Zen launch and Kabylake to decide which cpu to get. For now I'll just disable turbo and then reseat the fan Thanks for the help buddy
  8. I'll reseat the cooler, though I fear breaking the pin nubs! Per HWmonitor my CPU power draw is all over the place, its supposed to be 95W max, but here it says its 108.51W So, CPU power draw the culprit?
  9. Pins are pushed thru, fan is facing the RAM aka front facing fan, Vertical orientation
  10. Hmm, it was finicky but I did manage to push down the pins. Had I known it was pins I would have looked for a model that needed screws instead. All my mobo settings are at default. I cannot OC the cpu since its a pre-build. Note: My cpu turbos to 3.6 ghz, when my original fan was busted, I manually disabled turbo so the max freq was the 2.93 ghz. Then the temps were "normal"
  11. Yeah, a pea size right on the center of the cpu, just like Linus and Luke preach!
  12. So I have a Dell pre-built with an i7 870 cpu. The temps were all over the place at stress and hitting 99 degree celsius, around 60 when idle!! Turns out the stock cooler that came with the computer was falling apart. Okay, so I purchased an Cooler Master TX3, it was compatible with my case, Thermaltake V31, thus could not buy the much beloved 212 Evo. Install new cooler, idle temps hover around 39-45, that good right. But now It will hit 99 when stressed. I was playing FIFA 16 when it was hitting 99 celsius!!! So now I am stumped, why are the temps so insanely high even with a new cooler?
  13. Current GPU is a Gigabyte HD 6850 1GB card I purchased in 2011. Before knowing about Polaris I was going to buy a second hand GTX 670 2GB from a friend. Now that Polaris has been announced, I'm saving up to purchase it. I will use it for 1080p gaming, but more realistically, to mod Skyrim even more than what my current GPU can handle!!
  14. Previously i asked a similar question and the consensus was that the highest performing gpu i should use was the GTX 970 or the R9 390. Is a Rx 480 the new reigning champ that will efficiently work with my i7 870?