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  1. I just scheduled a service with my Toyota dealer for my 5000 miles maintenance and they asked for $86 for oil change and tire rotation. Is this price reasonable? Car: 2015 Toyota Corolla S, 1800 miles (I barely use it, 2 year free maintenance was passed) Other questions: What else should be done during maintenance other than oil change? (sorry I'm no car expert)
  2. My hard drive in my super old computer has a strange noise when booting up and you can always hear when it's trying to find data and it is the loudest part of my PC. I also never turn of my computer because it is a pain to wait for it to boot up and I only restart it exclusively when windows needs an update. This SSD would be a glorious upgrade. SSDs makes computer snappy and it will make a low budget computer feel better/snappy.
  3. I know, I made a premature mistake because I'm too excited too build a PC and 4790k was out of stock. I'm just trying to convince myself that I made a good choice and make myself feel better.
  4. That was what I am about going to do but a bit different. I was about to return the cpu for a K version, but I went in this forum to convince myself that I made a good choice and not worry about the hassle of shipping the cpu.
  5. Just bought i7 4790 last sunday because I was too excited to build my PC and i7 4790k was not on stock and I have all my parts except for the CPU. Did I just made a mistake of going on the non K version? Did I miss out the glory of the K version? Are the manufacturing process of making the CPU's the same? Even though I am not overclocking, I feel disappointed/dissatisfied buying the non K version. I know that the K has .5 ghz advantage (base clock).
  6. Did the R4 went on sale during 2014 Cyber Monday/Black Friday?
  7. It is currently $99.99 on Newegg and it is seldom on sale. Do I buy it now or wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday for "hopefully" better offer?
  8. Ok, will do, thanks for the help
  9. Idk, its some router that was given by Century Link
  10. Idk, its some router that was given by Century Link
  11. As far as distance, my PC is not that far from the access point, about 25-35 feet with 1 wall between them
  12. How do I change Ghz and check the least crowded channel? (sorry, I'm a noob at networking stuff)
  13. Download speed down to less than 2mbps, usually 10mbps (I know it is slow T_T ) on my old wifi adapter. Upload is fine What can I do?
  14. I'm planning to install Gmod on my SSD but installing CS:Source on my HDD. Does the textures show if the games are installed on different places OR do they need to be on the same storage in order for the CS:Source textures appear on Gmod? And what games do I need to install so I can see the majority of the most used textures? THANKS!
  15. I have an old hdd, and decided to buy a ssd and also decided to not clone the hard drive to the ssd because it might have issues in the future. What do I need to have in order to upgrade to ssd, I'm planning to format the hard drive and use it as backup or a storage in case my ssd runs full. I currently have a 2tb hdd, bought a new sandisk 240gb ssd. THANKS!
  16. When you tap the clock widget on galaxy s5, it will open the clock app. But my widget wont (it does nothing). I tried restarting my phone, clearing cache, force stopping the widget and the app, clearing the data of the app and the widget, booting to safe mode. Pls Help Thanks.
  17. Hotspot is off, I'm just concerned if I will be charge if I use this as my internet rather than my super slow wifi (no access to wired ethernet).
  18. Can I get a rundown on how it works? I have an unlimited T-Mobile plan and 5gb of hotspot, Does tethering use the unlimited data or the 5gb hotspot? and does it cost something or its free?
  19. How can the concavity of a graph help analyze the growth rate of a business? I can't quite understand this one, pls help ,Thanks!
  20. I have a 2015 Toyota Corolla, What is the size of its steering wheel? I'm trying to buy a steering wheel cover and I do not know the size and I have not found it on google.
  21. I just got a new monitor. I having trouble finding the best ratio, What is the best ratio for clarity and eye comfort? I also game a lot (cs go, lol, dota) Thank you!
  22. Is modem like plugging coax from the wall to the modem and it provides internet through its ethernet port?