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  1. Thin ones, black ice something from the top of my head from hardware labs. had to be thin to fit them into my current case.
  2. Hello all, I am currently using the amazing looking Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX TG case, but well the airflow in this case is shite and that is putting it mildly ;) So I am looking for a case to replace it with, looks do not matter to me, I am simply looking for a case that can house 2 360 rads and has good airflow so I can transplant my current build over. Price would be below 200 euro.
  3. I would love to try them all out, but alas not really an option except for the Aeron
  4. First off not really sure where to park this, so if this is the wrong place my apologies. Onwards with the main message: I been looking at a new office chair for a long long time now, mainly cause it is hard to find something I think suits me and two the need to safe up cause good chairs do not come cheap it seems. So I have come down to what seem to be my 3 options and I would like to hear from people who might have knowledge/experience with these chairs: Okamura Contessa Okamura CP Baron Herman Miller Aeron Now I am likely going to try and find a refurbished unit to keep the price somewhat in line as with new ones the prices range from 900 to 1600+ EUR (I am in the Netherlands not to mention Okamura is very hard to come by). The reason I found these 3 so far is the fact that they come with mesh seats and backrests and I tend to be quite warm so anything to keep me cool and dry is much appreciated. Secondly I spend a lot of time behind my PC 4 to 10 hours a day easily (I have to many hobbies which park me behind my PC ) The Aeron is of course a well know entity, but the issue is that those with the right things and size on refurb prices can go to 700-800 EUR which pushed them towards to a new Okamura CP Baron (fully loaded 1050 EUR) so I am not really sure which would be the best deal. The Contessa seems to be very much a Aeron competitor and comes in new at 1250 EUR, have not seem them mesh on mesh in the refurb anywhere, but the fabric on mesh I have seen for 440 EUR so that gives an indication. Now with the refurbs headrests seem to be uncommon and as a tall person I am a fan of those as with pretty much all of these chairs the backrest comes to just shoulder height and I like to lean back at times. So yeah ups and downs all around so I really love to hear from people about these chairs or if people have an other option I would love to hear about it, there are so many damn chairs out there it is hard to see them all. Much thanks in advance.
  5. I have an issue in gmail and I cannot really find anything on it (yay for google beeing everything so you cannot find what you need searching anything). The case is that in gmail on the top right you have a link/dropdown menu that gives you the other google apps like drive and such. However on my gmail it links to: https://www.google.nl/intl/en-GB/about/products/ Anyone has any idea what is causing this? I am using the latest Cyberfox x64 AMD based browser.
  6. Luckily I cannot even recall browsing without noscript and Ublock. It is a bit of a hassle for the first few days to whitelist what needs to be white listed, but after that it is wonderful and you quickly learn what to white list and what not when visiting new pages. Still sucks that this is all needed though.
  7. Well she is toasting over my PC fans, should reach a healthy 50C there.
  8. Sadly Do not have the tools to open her up, not even a hair dryer to heat it up.
  9. That is the fun thing I cannot turn it off cause to do that you need to tap the screen, which does not respond to touch But yeah I am planning to let it dry and see, perhaps if it does not work I just get the tools and see worst that can happen is that I get some practice.
  10. Yeah I think I spend about 2 max 3 seconds semi submerged on the bottom end.
  11. Well today not been great, put my nokia 6 in the wrong pocket and it fell into some water, took it out quickly and it seemed fine, but now the touchscreen is not responding and neither is the USB port (no charging no data). Everthing else still seems to work just fine, but I am not sure if it is worth it to invest into some tooling to try and repair it cause I never done so before and I hence have no idea to expect what kind of damage I could find (Until now I never dropped a phone more than 30cm sigh).
  12. I ran that benchmark for giggles (no interest in the game what so ever) and my only conclusion was "This game looks bad, why bother making a benchmark from it?"
  13. Thanks for the thoughts and advice all, I think I will stick with my known brand and get a pair of HD650s
  14. Mass drop is not an option the import fees and taxes kill any deal on there for me. I been looking at the 600-650, but I fear I might not be able to drive them well enough from my MB.
  15. Short story first: I have the Sennheiser G4ME one headset, but I got a cheapo condenser mic tiny on an arm which does the mic job better so the mic is never used. With that in mind I been looking for some headphones to get better quality and ditch the headset and I managed to pick up a barely used pair of Sennheiser RS220s which sound already a lot better than the headset, but I live in an apartment building and the 2.4Ghz band is just swamped with signals. Result is the RS220s drop their signal quite frequently making them unusable to me and well that means I need something else and with a wire this time Now I am quite the fan of sennheiser as can be seen with my PC stuff, but also for my phone I rock a momentum pair of theirs. Still I am more than open to other brands. Now as far as use goes it is anything from gaming, movies to music. As for the music I have a wide range of taste, (classical, some metal stuff, lots of classic rock and some trance and random other stuff I enjoy). I would not call myself an audiophile I just enjoy a good quality in most things I do, they would likely be driven just off the MB audio (Crosshair VI hero from Asus) cause any additional would have to come out of my 300 to really a max of 400 eur budget. Any help is kindly appreciated.
  16. I know not exactly the two phones one would put in 1 sentence, but I am in need of a good screen protector for both and frankly with the forests of the things out there I am at a loss. I am looking for glass ones so not plastic, but beside that I just want ones that are good and well fitting. Any advice surely is appreciated even if it is just for places which are reliable review wise for these things, cause when I google everything you get feels like an add.
  17. I never used a vpn and never really felt the need to use it, but seeing more and more is happening I am looking for the additional layer so to speak. Now I do not mind paying a fee for one, but I need something that is simple to use for an newby like me and that works both on win 10 and android (PC and phone). I mainly want it for security reasons phone wise and some privacy for the PC side to avoid to easy of intercepting all I do by providers and such. Reason I am asking here is cause I been looking at VPNs and it is really cannot see forest because trees for me.
  18. Poor battery life on that one from reviews I could check, so I will pass on that one, but thanks for the suggestion.
  19. 300 EUR max 350 I think don't really vallue a phone higher than that unless it is amazing for what my needs are.
  20. As the title says it is time for my OPO to retire, the battery is really starting to turn crappy and I really cannot be bothered to root it etc etc etc to ensure I get the latest stuff and security updates, sue me The reason I got it originally was because it was cheap and had high end specs. However while the cheap part is definitely a part I want to stick to, the specs really proved to be useless. All I use my phone for is browsing, chats (discord etc), email, music and watching stuff on youtube/netflix. So what I am looking for is an phone with good battery life, good update policy (as far as that is possible this day and age) and that can handle my light loads without being larger than my current OPO (thicker is fine). Reason I need some advice is cause Smartphones are not something I care much about and it is really a case of cannot see forest due trees, please nerf trees Also in the NL ideally supporting just about everything within the EU for travels and such, that is one limit of the OPO that also shows more and more. Thanks in advance.
  21. I been a Cyberfox user for many years now before firefox was 64bit itself and kind of stuck with it because it works great for me and never have any issues with it. Speed wise it is more than fine I always run good hardware so yeah nothing really to notice on that front.
  22. The ryzen IPC performance would be on par with what you have atm (my 1800X matches the per core performance of your cpu) so I am not sure how well BF handles more cores, but if it is stuck at 4 than it won't change much on it's own. That said going for Ryzen and fast DDR4 ram or Intel with fast DDR4 ram will make quite the difference it is shocking really how much fast ram can change FPS
  23. http://www.rocketjumpninja.com/ Look there for some good suggestions. In general good mice don't have to be silly expensive my EVGA Torq X5 was 50 eur and it is a great mouse.
  24. DREVO Gramr can be found on amazon and in any switch you like, my one with black switches just arrived and it feels like a tank. Only bad thing I heard was from some that had an LED die and they are cheap and can be had for your price range. They are thing though if like me you come from something like the Logitech G710+ it is taking some adjusting.
  25. While as a person working for IKEA I should be all for it I will say with a budget like that go to a large office supply retailer and just try out a bunch of chairs really. A high quality office chair will outdo any of these gaming chairs on the market. As for IKEA I will always say the MARKUS (fake leather one only the others have horrid arm rest material) is a great budget offering (yes it is still around 150 eur or regional equivalent, but if you use your chair a lot please spend some money on it)