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  1. Hey W-L, thanks for your reply. I suspected that would be the answer. Unfortunately the sleeved extension is not a working solution for me, as I want to have that unified look behind the motherboard tray as well. I guess I have to live with that flaw or up my soldering game. Anyone got experience with cutting and resoldering USB-3.0-cables?
  2. Hey guys, I've recently started beefing up the internal appearance of my computer. My goal is to have every single cable inside that case sleeved. So far the SATA-power cables, the front pwr, reset and HDD cables and the HD-Audio-cable are sleeved. The GPU-, CPU- and 24PIN-power cables are next. I've also found sleeving for the SATA-Data-cables, so they are nearly done, as well. However, there is one problem: the internal USB 3.0- cables running from my front I/O to the mainboard. I have a Corsair 400C with two USB 3.0 connectors on one end and the thick 20-pin-connector on the other. As of now I haven't found a way to get sleeving around those cables. Another problem is the thickness of the I/O-side. They are not regular USB-terminals, but have a thick part to it (no idea how to explain that better in english, sry), so a screw can go through them. The foto (link) shows a similar product. Mine only has the two terminals separate with two screwholes each: Picture I've cut a spare cable that was laying around in half to see if I can solder that stuff together again. It looks pretty complicated. Do you guys have an idea how I can tackle this challenge? Best regards August
  3. Yes, it is different. People care about it, because they love the "behind the scenes" and "freetime" stuff. So technically, there is no difference, but people are sad/pissed that they don't get their candy. And you know what happens when you steal a baby's candy.
  4. Technically you are right. So, as an engineer I have to confirm that "technically correct" is the best form of "correct". ... Fixed it.
  5. Why are you trying so hard to put that term "lying" into this question? LMG has multiple sources of finances to pay for the content they make: youtube ad revenue forum contributors merch vessel revenue sponsorships patreons (in case of CSF) On the other side there is the content they produce: LinusTechTips Channel Super Fun (Yes Berkel, I name it at second position ) TechQuickie But they also have content that doesn't have anything to do this any of the above: videos that are totally financed by someone else, like the ad for intel/5G. They have done those contract works in the past and will probably continue to do so. Which is totally fine in my optinion, as it helps LMG to pay the bills and paychecks. The series "nerd sports" or what they call it falls into this category: contract work for someone else, completely paid by that company. Therefore the provided content is property of said company. There is however one difference with nerd sports: It's content that most viewers of LMG would love to watch (including me), but they don't get access to it, unless they pay for Vessel. But that is nothing to blame Linus for.
  6. Seems like a lot of you guys really put your heart into the LMG-community. That would at least explain this intensity of this discussion. The main discussion seems to be about the question whether Linus lied in that video a year ago. As a big part of LMGs success is the trust we viewers have in their words I understand why this is such a big question/discussion. There are two (main) ways the term "lying" would fit here: Linus meant every "LMG"-content, also the stuff they do outside of LTT, CSF, TQ. Like their adds and this exclusive vessel series. Linus knew about the possibility of future extra content, but didn't want to raise a discussion, so he used that wording. To be honest, I don't think that either of those are what happened. Much more likely: When Linus said "all LMG content" he was thinking about everything, that the audience at that time knew and the move to Vessel was about: LTT, CSF, TQ. Which is exactly what he explained in his post at page 7 or so. So please stop bitching around. Yes, Linus did a mistake. But he wasn't unhonest, just inaccurate with his wording. If you take his sentence back then word by word it was technically incorrect. So what?
  7. Well, that ammount of money for GPUs is way out of my range. Also, as the computer is only ~10% for gaming, I wouldn't probably spend so much money on a gaming factor even if I had the money. @Glenwing: Thanks for the advice Is there a way to tell what kind of scaling a monitor uses when I look out for one?
  8. Hey Guys, I'm currently using a 1440p 27" screen (with a GTX 970). I bought the screen about 1 1/2 years ago because my old one (24", 1080p) broke and 4K was too expensive at that time. So, the unfortunate thing about this screen is that its resolution is a little too high to play all desired games in 60 fps glory (10% of time) too low for what I would like to have for productivity (80%) and entertainment (10%) When I set my 1440p screen at 1080p in games the image is very blurry - everything but enjoyable. Which doesn't surprise me as the scaling is like 1.333 screen pixels per image pixel. As 4K got a lot more affordable I thought about getting a 4K screen. The 970 wouldn't be able to output 60 fps in the games I play, so there would be the option to set games at 1080p. That would mean that every image pixel is displayed by 4 screen pixels. I guess it is still not as sharp as 1080p content on a native 1080p screen, but how bad is it actually? Thanks for your help! :-) August