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  1. I do have HW Monitor installed on his system. I would agree that EVGA usually has good qualities but I noticed some of the reviews did they that specific PSU also gave them issues.
  2. My gut tells me it is just a crap motherboard. No one else seems to have issues with AsRock but every single build I have ever done with AsRock consistently had problems. I am unsure how to trouble shoot the power supply but it seems fine and the fan for the power supply also appears to be fine.
  3. Yes, power supply is connected to GPU. I believe it is a 6 pin connection. Witcher 3 ran around 50 - 60 fps and Insurgency ran around 60 + before the computer randomly shut off. I will check with loading defaults for BIOS. I had thought about that but didn't seem to be able to find it. I will check again.
  4. Not that I can tell, I have tried MSI Afterburner and the AMD program. Nothing seems to work when manually turning them on. It is a brand new Rx 570 MSI card. With all the other issues, I can only assume it could be a motherboard issue? Or the fans are dead. I am not sure if they are disconnected. I did not try taking the card apart. I was worried I might void the card in case we need to send it back.
  5. I have a lot to type, please bare with me. I need help. I recently built my cousin his first computer. I have built computers before and have some some basic IT work. So i know what I am doing. However, my cousins computer has been incredibly frustrating. These are the parts I used. I have multiple questions including one for the graphics card. Please bare with me as I will explain all the issues I am having with it. https://secure.newegg.com/wishlist/pd/27234506 At first I thought my issues were the motherboard. No one else seems to have problems with AsRock but every single computer I have ever built with an AsRock motherboard ended up being a huge headache. I only got this motherboard at the time for the price as my cousin didn't want to spend a lot of money. As far as drivers go, AsRock website and CD for motherboard has this weird All-In-One driver I have never seen before. I am used to downloading each driver individually. So I thought maybe that was causing issues as I was missing some drivers. All that seemed to do was download AMD Adrenalin I believe. It took me SEVERAL tries to get windows 10 to update to the most recent version. It would download to 100% and fail. Then I tried the update tool but that would get stuck at 99%. Or it would work, reset, start to install the updates, then it would say something failed and undo all the updates. The computer was slower than it should be, hung up a lot, and would occasionally freeze or restart without warning or any BSOD. The internet was also being weird. It would somethings act as if there was no internet or would be extremely slow. I thought about updating BIOS but the website says to specifically not to with certain processors. Anyway, I ended up doing a FULL reset. I had to wait a few hours for windows to wipe everything. I used the CD to install the drivers, and was Finally able to download and install all most recent windows 10. Everything seemed to finally be working as it should except for a few issues I started to notice. He was starting to now get BSOD, one for Pool Header, then other was for ntoskrnl.exe. Also Changing fan speeds in BIOS (specifically for CPU fan) doesn't seem to do anything. I noticed the Ryzen 2600 in idle was around 40c. So I tried to set the fan speed to full in BIOS but I don't notice a difference. It doesn't seem to be spinning any faster than it was before. My other issue is the Graphics Card. This is my first time messing with an AMD card as I always use NVIDIA in my personal builds. I installed an RX 570 8gb MSI in my cousins build. I know most modern GPUs have a setting that keeps the fan off until the card gets hot. However, I cannot for the life of me get the card's fans to manually turn on either. I have tried both AMD Adrenalin and MSI Afterburner and still the cards will not turn on. Even during my stress tests the card will reach 80c and still the fans will not turn on. Other than the fans, the card seems fine... Or so I thought. My cousin and I were just playing Insurgency (original) and after about 5 - 8 minutes his computer just shuts off. The only thing I can think of is something in the computer, possibly the GPU got too hot so it shut itself off. I read some reviews that people also had issues with the power supply I got. Many of them said they got it dead on arrival. People also mentioned having issues with the MOBO I am using too. As far as I can tell, the PSU seems fine.. My gut tells me the main issue is somehow the motherboard, next would be GPU. I have tried everything and I have no idea what else to do. It is extremely frustrating. I have never had a computer be so difficult. I feel bad because this is my cousins first computer and he's starting to feel like it is more trouble than it's worth.
  6. But it "is" charged by the phone right? Even if it's only a 1% difference I'll take it. I'm always doing what I can to extend battery life on phones. Currently don't have working computer so I do all my media consumption on my phone so I can easily drain battery quickly.
  7. This might be dumb question, but would removing an s pen from a note phone make the phone battery last longer? I tried to look up articles but the articles talk about the s pen battery. I want to know about improving the phone battery life.
  8. So I’ve got a Zotac, 980 ti Amp Extreme that I REALLY don’t want to sell but, at the moment, it’s kind of “useless” and I could really use the money. I was 100% a online PC gamer but I moved to a house with no internet. Since then I’ve had to switch to PS4 since my hotspot isn’t fast enough for my PC games. Anyway, I’ve noticed that the GPU on amazon still goes for around $750 new and I even saw a 3rd party listing for $1,000+ So, if I put my card on amazon for maybe $650-$700 think anyone would be interested? My adult life with bills and college are making things kind of tight and a friend of mine wants to go out of town at the end of the month to an event I’ll need money for as well. I was thinking I can just invest in a 1050ti or 1060 for now since my monitor is 2580x1080. Thoughts?
  9. Okay thanks guys! I’ll try those tips. Also, oops. I did forget to post the ram. It’s 32Gb DDR4 Corsair 2666 hertz
  10. I’m in some hot water. I really don’t want to do this since it’s pretty much my pride and joy, but I think I need to sell my computer. I’m in need of some money since I’ve lost tons of hours at work and I need to pay bills. However, I have no idea how to go selling my used system. Is there a forum for that on here? These are my Specs GPU: Zotac 980Ti Amp Extreme CPU: Intel i7 6700K Mobo: Asus Hero VIII PSU: Corsair 750w H105 Liquid Cooler Case: Fractal Define S I’m going to keep the Hard Drives for myself Incase I ever build myself a computer again in the future. In total (including all 6 of my hard drives) the build cost me about $2,000 give or take. Would I be able to get at least $1,000 or could I possibly get more? Ill try to post some pictures of it later since it’s late and I’m pretty tired. I just can’t sleep and thought I’d ask before I went to bed. Anyway, I appreciate any help you guys can give. Thanks.
  11. I do not recall any shooter elements to it. Just that its setting was some kind of futuristic scifi. Im thinking it was an adventure exploration game?
  12. No, just checked that. Most likely older than that. Im sure it wasnt a run and gun kind of game.
  13. I know this isn't exactly a "where do find old game" section, but I wasn't sure where else to ask. You guys have been very helpful before. So there is this old computer game my brother and I used to play. The Game HAS to be from the 90s - 2005? I know that is a big gap, I was born in 94. I had to have been at least 8 years old or younger when I played it. Anyway, I have tried to Google it, but I do not remember enough to yield any results. There is a lot I can remember from it, But not the name of the actual game itself.. I can remember one song specifically, the game itself I believe was some kind of futuristic SciFi genre. I do not recall ever having the CD Case, but the CD design itself was all black except for the main character on it. He was colored a gray/white color. I think I remember his pose. I think one of his feet were in front of the other and he had his hands up as if he was stepping a mine or something. I believe he might have had a shocked expression? He had that generic "white guy" look. Like Duke Nukem or BJ Blazkowicz from Wolfenstein 3D. I think he also might have had an eyepiece on? Kind of like a scouter from Dragon Ball Z. Actual Gameplay, here is what I remember. I believe it was a First Person Game. I do not recall if it was a point and click or an actual game where your character could move freely or on rails. I remember one of the first levels, There was this Giant metallic door. I don't think you could progress the game until you opened the door. My brother and I could never figure out how to open it. I also remember a bathroom, you could interact with the sink and toilet. I think the colors were purple and gray? I also remember a room kind of like the Holodeck from Star Trek. You could change the walls of the room to have different environments. I think one option would make it look like a jungle or forest? Anyway, it has been 10+ years and I still have no idea what game it is. I'd appreciate any ideas you guys might have. My knowledge of old PC games is very little. I didn't actually start truly playing computer games till about 3 or 4 years ago.
  14. Might be a stupid question, especially since I've been using computers all my life and built my own computer. buuut, is there a way to make computer "new again" without having to do a fresh OS install? I use Ccleaner, Malwarebytes products, and I occasionally manually go through my Data folders and delete any unwanted programs. There is also defragging but I only have 1 HDD. The rest of my drives are SSDs. The reason why I don't want to do a fresh install is because I have almost 300 Steam games, 10 or so Origin Games, Uplay games, and 1 GOG game. Now, I know that most of those games especially steam games, don't need to be erased since they are on a separate drive than what my OS is installed on (OS is on m.2 and games are on HDD/SSDs) However, I do have a LOT of programs on my m.2 that would be an extreme pain to reacquire or download ect. Its mostly the programs on my m.2 that I don't want to stop working.. So any other tips for juicing up a computer without fresh OS install? i7 6700K Asus Hero VIII Zotac 980 ti Amp Extreme Corsair 32gb DDR4 Ram I have a beefy build but I have been using this computer for quite some time now and is obviously not running to its full potential. It also probably doesn't help that when I upgraded to Windows 10, I did the free upgrade and Not a fresh install. So any problems i might have had in Win 8.1 (classic shell) probably copied over to my now current win 10 build. Anyway, I'd appreciate any tips anyone has to offer.
  15. Thanks for the quick answers guys! Ended up getting the Zotac.
  16. Most likely I would not overclock card, never had much luck or experience in over clocking GPUs or CPUs. Most likely to keep it at clock speeds. And as I said before, monitor only has 1080p so I would not be running 4k.
  17. What about choosing between the two cards? Zotac base clock is slightly higher than G1, but G1 is also $20 cheaper. I only play in 1080p since my screen does not output higher resolutions. Friend says might as well spend the extra $20 and get the Zotac.
  18. Totally off topic, but Monogatari is pretty cool

  19. Currently running Gigabyte 770, debating on Gigabyte 980 Ti G1 or Zotac AMP Extreme. I believe Zotac has slightly higher base clock but is $20 more. Also, once I choose a card, would it be better to use the Single card and let it do all the work, or would I notice any benefits if I use my old 770 as a dedicated PhysX GPU? Thanks
  20. So here's the thing. I've had this laptop for maybe 3 or 4 years now. Along the road it's had many problems and Blue Screens. I've done several OS reinstalls on it. Now, here's the big problem. For a while I was never able to work on it because I lost the power pack... Yeah. Anyway, finally got around to getting a new power pack, turned it on, and was able to fresh install Windows 10. Everything seems for be working except for one Big problem. As soon as I press any key on the laptop, it will freeze. Only way to unfreeze is to force shut down the laptop. If I use a virtual keyboard, it works fine. No freezing. But that's annoying since I have to click on each key.. I wanted to try using an external keyboard but I think the USB ports might not be working either. I will double check today. I'm thinking thenmotherboard may be going bad.. Any other ideas that would cause they laptop's keyboard to freeze the laptop?
  21. Alright, I think I'll hold off on the GPU then. I'll save up later for a newer series. Thanks guys! This site is always quick to reply.
  22. Current build is MOBO: Crosshair V Formula Z GPU: Gigabyte 770 4Gb V Ram CPU: AMD FX 6350 3.9hertz PSU: Corshair 750w RAM: DDR3 Vulcan 2400 hertz 16gigs I am looking to upgrade my MOBO to Asus Hero VIII, Upgrade my CPU to Intel's new I7-6700K 4.00 GHz 8M Processor Cache 4 LGA 1151" then change my Ram to Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 2666MHz (only getting 2 sticks to save up more money for expanding later) So HERE is my question. I assume my current build/processor is bottlenecking my 770. So! With this new parts, should I see a dramatic increase in performance? OR should I shell out some extra money and get the Gigabyte 980Ti G1 Gaming? I am thinking that since the 900 series came out in 2014 they will most likely come out with a new series soon and I don't want to shell out a bunch of cash for a card that will be "outdated" soon. I am content with my gaming performance for now. So, I assume the 770 would work even better with these newer parts. Should I wait on the GPU and save my money on a newer series on Nvidia cards?
  23. I am trying to push through it. But as I said. I'm going to community college. This is technically suppose to be a 2 year college. I've been staying and taking as many classes as I can here to save money before I transfer to a university. It's just frustrating when I am unable to get a math class every semester or drop a class because I'm not passing it. There's also plenty of precedents I've had that don't work well for me. I do try some after school programs. And I did have a couple people to ask for help. But most of them already finished or moved.
  24. I have zero experience with programming and coding. I cannot take them yet at college because my math isn't high enough. And I have not taken any at home. Anything that requires math, I'm not very good at self teaching. Any other subject is fine. Math is the only thing I struggle with.
  25. yes. But the thing is is right now, I can't even take programming classes because they all have prerequisites. I'm currently taking college Algebra 2. After I need Trig, Pre Cal, Calculus, Stats, and one other class after that. Part of the reason why I wanna do this is my dream job is to one day work for Microsoft, Google, Apple, or steam.