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  1. As I said above, I have tried MSI Afterburner and that doesn't turn the fans on either..
  2. Built a computer for a relative a while back. GPU is Radeon RX 570 8GT OC and CPU is Ryzen 5 2600. (1 m.2 drive, and 1 tb hdd drive) We originally had issues I believe due to a faulty motherboard (AsRock). We then switched to Asus TUF B450M-PLUS GAMING Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard and still had some issues to which it was suggested that the PSU we were using at the time wasn't enough power for the system. I believe we were using 500w PSU? The last upgrade I got him for the PSU was a 600w Corsair which I believe to be enough for his build? Ever since I made these two corrections all his
  3. I do have HW Monitor installed on his system. I would agree that EVGA usually has good qualities but I noticed some of the reviews did they that specific PSU also gave them issues.
  4. My gut tells me it is just a crap motherboard. No one else seems to have issues with AsRock but every single build I have ever done with AsRock consistently had problems. I am unsure how to trouble shoot the power supply but it seems fine and the fan for the power supply also appears to be fine.
  5. Yes, power supply is connected to GPU. I believe it is a 6 pin connection. Witcher 3 ran around 50 - 60 fps and Insurgency ran around 60 + before the computer randomly shut off. I will check with loading defaults for BIOS. I had thought about that but didn't seem to be able to find it. I will check again.
  6. Not that I can tell, I have tried MSI Afterburner and the AMD program. Nothing seems to work when manually turning them on. It is a brand new Rx 570 MSI card. With all the other issues, I can only assume it could be a motherboard issue? Or the fans are dead. I am not sure if they are disconnected. I did not try taking the card apart. I was worried I might void the card in case we need to send it back.
  7. I have a lot to type, please bare with me. I need help. I recently built my cousin his first computer. I have built computers before and have some some basic IT work. So i know what I am doing. However, my cousins computer has been incredibly frustrating. These are the parts I used. I have multiple questions including one for the graphics card. Please bare with me as I will explain all the issues I am having with it. https://secure.newegg.com/wishlist/pd/27234506 At first I thought my issues were the motherboard. No one else seems to have problems wi
  8. But it "is" charged by the phone right? Even if it's only a 1% difference I'll take it. I'm always doing what I can to extend battery life on phones. Currently don't have working computer so I do all my media consumption on my phone so I can easily drain battery quickly.
  9. This might be dumb question, but would removing an s pen from a note phone make the phone battery last longer? I tried to look up articles but the articles talk about the s pen battery. I want to know about improving the phone battery life.
  10. So I’ve got a Zotac, 980 ti Amp Extreme that I REALLY don’t want to sell but, at the moment, it’s kind of “useless” and I could really use the money. I was 100% a online PC gamer but I moved to a house with no internet. Since then I’ve had to switch to PS4 since my hotspot isn’t fast enough for my PC games. Anyway, I’ve noticed that the GPU on amazon still goes for around $750 new and I even saw a 3rd party listing for $1,000+ So, if I put my card on amazon for maybe $650-$700 think anyone would be interested? My adult life with bills and college are makin
  11. Okay thanks guys! I’ll try those tips. Also, oops. I did forget to post the ram. It’s 32Gb DDR4 Corsair 2666 hertz
  12. I’m in some hot water. I really don’t want to do this since it’s pretty much my pride and joy, but I think I need to sell my computer. I’m in need of some money since I’ve lost tons of hours at work and I need to pay bills. However, I have no idea how to go selling my used system. Is there a forum for that on here? These are my Specs GPU: Zotac 980Ti Amp Extreme CPU: Intel i7 6700K Mobo: Asus Hero VIII PSU: Corsair 750w H105 Liquid Cooler Case: Fractal Define S I’m going to keep the Hard Drives for myself Incase I ever build mysel
  13. I do not recall any shooter elements to it. Just that its setting was some kind of futuristic scifi. Im thinking it was an adventure exploration game?
  14. No, just checked that. Most likely older than that. Im sure it wasnt a run and gun kind of game.
  15. I know this isn't exactly a "where do find old game" section, but I wasn't sure where else to ask. You guys have been very helpful before. So there is this old computer game my brother and I used to play. The Game HAS to be from the 90s - 2005? I know that is a big gap, I was born in 94. I had to have been at least 8 years old or younger when I played it. Anyway, I have tried to Google it, but I do not remember enough to yield any results. There is a lot I can remember from it, But not the name of the actual game itself.. I can remember one song specifically, the game itself I bel