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  1. I like little babies. They're unspoiled people:3 Accidentally found you just 3 days ago searching more about the thing that now you giveawayXD When I heard that you do it, I decided not to participate because thought it'd be weird that a newbie like me take the advantage while there are people who're in this community for years. But now again I accidentally got into this website 2 hours before the end of the giveaway. I thought it's destiny, so decided just to mark here. But honestly, I still think that oldfags deserve it much moreXD Just wanna add something if you'll read itxD I think that you do good reviews. They have personality in it and your real opinions. You don't think that the review was made just to make money without passion in it. It's like watching how youtubers play games just because you're interested to see their natural reaction. And you don't have a weird voice. That's a big thing Congrats on 1 million! Good luck in the future!