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  1. First of it's keyboard not key broad I have never personally seen a keyboard that need's 'unlocking' (probably before my time), but I found this forum thread that may help you out:
  2. Well then to me it sounds like there is either something wrong with the CPU header or the pump is damaged is some way, although it is strange that the pump starts working after 17 minutes as you say. I would try a different header on the motherboard and check the BIOS settings just to be sure, if that doesn't work I would maybe look at getting one of those 3/4 pin-to-molex adapters as they are very cheap and see if that fixes your problem. Failing that, I would contact Corsair and see if I could RMA the cooler, IIRC they come with a 5 year warranty.
  3. Where have you connected the pump to? Maybe its not set to come on until something reaches a certain temperature, a bios setting perhaps. In my case I have a 4-pin to molex adapter that I have connected the pump to, this ensures that as soon the computer turns on the pump will turn on instantly and run at full speed. Maybe you have it connected to a chassis fan connector that is only set to turn on when the temperature reaches X amount.
  4. Cool, I just thought it was a strange amount of RAM to have, you usually see like 32, 64, 128GB, still a multiple of 8 though so probably not that unusual, I don't deal with servers very often
  5. 56GB of RAM? How'd you manage that? Did you notice the "Scores and Stats" link at the top of your results page.
  6. I think I can just about manage to find space for it.
  7. Click on the Performance tab in task manager and click 'Open Resource Monitor' at the bottom, the disk section here will you give you much more detailed information on what exactly is accessing the disk and should help you to figure out what is causing the problem.
  8. Congrats on 3 million subs...would love to win the Blade 14
  9. They should redirect all this effort in to producing some content that is worth watching.
  10. RX480 would be a nice upgrade from my GTX480
  11. The clicking sounds likely point to a PSU problem, like the OVP or OCP is being tripped. The fact that the pc doesnt even post and you cannot get to the bios reinforces this. Either the PSU itself is broke or there is something else causing it to trip, have you tried booting with just the essentials connected? Unplug power from all drives, disconnect all fans except CPU fan, use 1 stick of ram, check that 24pin and 8/4pin power cables are connected to mobo properly. See if it boots now.
  12. ahh yes the iphone with an 81 key physical keyboard, the most popular of all iphones.
  13. I've bought lots of computer parts off ebay, just make sure you buy from a reputable seller with plenty of positive feedback and you should be fine. The only issue is that if you ever need to RMA a product, sometimes the manufactures can be dicks if you say you bought the product off ebay.
  14. Try this, go to windows power options and click "Change advanced power settings", then scroll down to where it says "PCI Express" then "Link State Power Management" and check what this is set to, it's probably set to off if you have high performance active. Change it to "Maximum power savings" and restart, then go back and change it to "Off" again and restart once more. See if that helps. May just be an issue with that setting.
  15. Does the same thing happen when the card is under load?