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  1. @Bonesy Hey man thank you! I was also wondering what port should I use? Like I have all three available I think?
  2. Hey guys, now this probably sounds super lame and dumb, but I'm doing my first desktop build, its just about complete, but I'm stuck on installing my monitor, just not real sure what goes where and such, I have a BenQ xl2420z monitor umm so yeah if anyone can help that would be awesome! Cheers guys Dragonite400
  3. @Pearsonia @TokyoSin @deVIZtation @Jaybird @Unlikelyjoker Thank you all for helping me out! I'm just about to plug em in and get it going! Woot I love this, building my first desktop rocks Thank you again and take care Dragonite400
  4. Hey everyone, just putting together my first desktop It's awesome I love it haha, anyways I have a http://au.pcpartpicker.com/part/evga-video-card-04gp42974kr(it's a evga gtx 970) anyways its connection is two 6 pins that are identical, I have my pci cable, and it has two pci 6+2, so do I just hook up the two 6's and ignore the little 2's, or hook up just one 6+2, or yeah, please help me out I'd absolutely love to finish this tonight! Cheers everyone, Dragonite400
  5. @SteveDornan I personally think you should go up to maybe a 550w PSU, my build is similar to yours, and I know you don't have to go to like 700w like some people think, mine's just a 550w, I feel like 450w might be too low, anyways just a thought aye mate haha
  6. @Dash Lambda Holy crap That's sick as mate Good to know that
  7. @Dash Lambda Interesting and good thoughts Dash, I do know about the closed loop coolers, I've done my fair bit of research on air cooling and water cooling, even considered the whole fuss of doing my own but quickly decided against that hah way too costly for me. Anyways I do believe for me, I'm looking at about $50 more for the H100i rather than just $10 I know that the Noctua will fit inside the cash I've already checked that out, and it should be fine with the GPU I bloody hope it's fine. Considering I just found a company though that is a lot closer to me so I'll be paying less freight, I don't believe they actually have Noctua anyway, so it might be best for me to go with the H100i. I'm honestly not sure, thank you for telling me and giving me your opinion and suggestion also Cheers about the ram thing, really appreciate that aye I've decided finally to go for 16gb, it just feels right, like I know I'm not going to have any problems if I do that so yeah that's my final choice on that matter at least One thing at a time. Awesome mate thank you for your help!!!!
  8. @Rashy Ah yeah sounds like you'd be right mate @msquare Ohhhhhhhhhhh okay makes sense why the extra ram is suggested, I don't currently record, I might one day, so I might just get extra ram then? Like one stick of 8gb should do me fine for now @stconquest Haha sweet, ah screw it I'll do 16gb, it'll last me well enough hahah so many back and forth thoughts and Australia bro You were right on it @LiamApex Thanks man I really appreciate it Yeah I totally agree with you about the motherboard aye it'll do me well
  9. @Rashy Yeah that's been one of my major concerns, like 16 does seem a bit overkill aye, thank you @tomison25 Cheers mate, yeah 8gb seems the way to go Although if I do I might just go 1600hz and one stick, I'm pretty damn sure the hz don't make a massive difference, although I'm not too sure about one or two sticks but thank you @Rangelov Fair enough, to each their own about peripherals, I like em, I'm used to laptops, used em all my life so that kind of keyboard I think will work for me. And that is an extremely good point hah, totally forgot the psu my bad I'll have to search around. @RedSphyxis Hah sure mate can do and thank you @msquare That is fair enough, I think if I were to go with 12 I'd instead just go all out and get 16, although I don't think I'll be using monitoring software? I'm not entirely sure what kind of software you're talking about, I'd love it if you told me, but from the sounds of it 8 should be enough for me Thanks everyone for all your help! Appreciate it heaps
  10. Heyy whatsup guys Just doing planning for my first build, I decided I want it to last at least like 4-5 years in terms of what it can do, looking for any tips, thoughts on said build, also I'm definitely going with air cooling, cause I don't need watercooling, it seems like it'll be too much of a fuss. Anyways here it is Oh yes also I'm planning to game, not incredibly hardcore, depends how much I get into it over the years really, but I would like to run current/recent games on high/best graphics at 1080p. Intel® Core™ i5 4690K Processor Samsung 840 EVO Series 250GB SSD Kingston Hyper X Fury HX316C10FBK2/16 16GB (2x8GB) Black Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 Windforce OverClocked 4GB Video Card ASRock Z97 Extreme4 Motherboard Seagate Barracuda 2TB ST2000DM001 Noctua NH-d15 NZXT Phantom 630 Case Matte Black with Window Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit with SP1 OEM =$1907 Extras: Razer Deathstalker Gaming Keyboard BenQ GL2460HM 24in Widescreen LED Monitor Razer DeathAdder 2013 Gaming Mouse =$319 Total = $2226 Cheers for all your opinions and help, take care aye and I'll keep an eye on this post Thank youuuuu Dragonite400
  11. Awesome stuff guys I really like the Kuhler 1250, it looks great and will function awesomely I'm sure Cheers guys
  12. Hey whattup guys So I've just been thinking, because I live in Australia, and the temperatures seem to jump up and down quite a bit, is it possible for me to have like 'modes' for my computer? So like I could have a 'normal' mode where the GPU is just like stock standard and so is everything else, and then an 'OC' mode where all the things are overclocked? Also another question about the boost clock of GPU's, how does that work? Is it just always on, and controlled by the GPU's temperature or is it like a manual switch or something? Cheers for all the responses Dragonite400
  13. Hey whatsup guys Cheers for takin a look at this post by the way, okay so onto my first question, with watercooling, and the whole ambient temperatures, i know that if the inside of the case gets under the ambient temperature (very very unlikely) water can condensate inside and screw up equipment, and as I said that's so very unlikely BUT over here in Australia, in winter and sometimes autumn/spring, temperatures can dropppp like crazy at night and hit 0C (32F) and that can happen quite often, so do you guys think that water condensation could happen? Also in summer it can stay at 35C (104F or so) for days upon days, all day and all night, I feel like air cooling wouldn't work so great, cause the ambient temp would be crazy high as it is, how do you think air cooling would go, and same with water cooling? Cheers for everyones help!! dragonite400
  14. Hmm, thank you, yeah that's a good point about the pumps aye, and I'd do that for sure, the extra airflow would definitely help, I normally keep my window/blinds closed to keep it cooler, sadly I can't move into our basement, because well we dont even have one we just live in a unit (appartment) Thank you for your tips and reasons, I appreciate the fact that you're backing up your beliefs with reasons seems like more and more people are suggesting air cooling, haha cheers to you all
  15. Hahah I've seen some oil cooled builds and as much as they look sweet, I'll be alright but thank you it'd just be too much work, and I'm not looking for it, sorry mate. Yeah that's what I'm thinkin aye, haha