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  1. Sorry Linus. Way to complicated approach to build a cheap fileserver. I have made an tutorial to use old hardware for ZFS. I explain every item you need in much more detail. You dont need a complicated server case. better use a decent miditower much mroe silent much more normal parts.
  2. Stefan thanks for you help! I managed to get it fixed! Someone soldered the part on it and he removed it from a celeron 3ghz! It did a 4 hour stresstest today without issues!
  3. http://www.sudburyelectronics.co.uk/intel-xeon-processor-e5-2680-v2-25m-cache-280-ghz-sr1a6-90-day-rtb-warranty-426-6696-p.asp Ok I found a high res picture of the 2680 v2 cpu with the same layout
  4. I can't RMA it is an OEM cpu. probably sold by Dell or HP. It is not blown up just broken off by bad handling. Are you sure about the values? I live In The netherlands near amsterdam
  5. A friend gave me a broken xeon E5 2690 v2 cpu. On the bottom left side there is tiny part missing. I allready found people who can solder such small parts. Now comes the challenge where I need the help for. I don't have the missing part. I need to find out the specs and value of the part. Does anyone know an intel engineer who can supply the info about the missing part? I really hope someone can help me. It is really worth trying to save this chip and build a machine around it. Or find a second cpu and upgrsde my dual E5 2640 v2 (the 2690 v2 is really expensive so that option is not doable) Who can help me? I attached 3 photo to this topic.
  6. Only 1x PCI-E 16x but with 2x Titan X?..... You choose the wrong motherboard My Dual Socket 2011 with ddr3 has 4x PCI-E 16x 1x PCI-E 8X and 1 PCI-E 4x. But my Serverboard was designed to be a render machine to support 4 videocards. My config 2x E5 2640 V2 2ghz 8c 16t per cpu. 64gb ddr3 ecc 1600mhz. It is my daily workstation
  7. Not filling up all the 45 bays can maybe better instead of 45 drives. Because if you fill up 45 drives and 1 connector fails you need to remove alot of hardware to replace the backplate. And when you have 5 free bays you allways have the option to swap a drive to anther connector. Just a though. It is an interesting build Keep us updated
  8. We get alot of old stuff for our retro gaming foundation. But sometimes you need to clean out the broken parts or the not original floppies
  9. They do it as sort of drug. Due the pain they forget their other problems for a moment. But when the pain is over they need to do it again.... and again.... and again.... A girl I know for 14 years now also did it 10 years ago. She didn't had a good youth. But she don't do it anymore. It is a period.
  10. They don't like eating allready broken parts And even for Afrika the parts are to old. And on a serious note, We better can never send old computers to Afrika better recycle them in the country's where they used them. And give Afrika Raspberry pi based solution. So a small cheap low power all in one box. to so basic tasks. like internet and office stuff. And only send some mid/high end system's for the people who do more higher end stuff. Afrika allready have a big E-waste problem because America and Europa dumped all their crap allready over the last 30 years.
  11. I made a Complete Guide to Build the Perfect Computer video. Not everything it what it seems
  12. Linus You made mistake in your array building. You made a 9 drive RaidZ2. But with RaidZ2 you need 6 10 14 drives for the best performance. So Multiplies of 4 drives + 2. Then you also can enable 4k sectors and that will perform better. Best Solution add 3 more drives and make 3x 10 drive RaidZ2. And the molex spilters can cause problems because the molex connection isn't the best. So hope they use the highest quality molex splitters instead of cheap chinese splitters. But it is a great build! Nice hardware platform. And I love the 3 SAS controllers. Not sure about FreeNAS. I prefer Nas4Free or ZFSguru. My own server is a 6x 3tb RaidZ2 with ZFSguru.