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  1. Hello Rachel, my old friend. 
    I'm borrowing your car again.




    I got tired of NFS Payback and the whole gambling card nonsense, so I figured I'd revisit NFSU2 to see if it really was as good as I remember. 


    Had to patch the .exe to get 2560x1440 support, but it works.  Maxed-out settings, 30% GPU usage and 120FPS. 
    Somehow my 5930K is maxing out, but I assume that's because this game was from the XP era, so it's not really running properly in Win7. 

    1. Levent


      I bet its maxing out the first core. I wish they ported this game to switch.

    2. dfsdfgfkjsefoiqzemnd


      It was over 90% on ALL cores and threads.  Just figured out why though.  Apparently rundll32.exe starts using 60+% as soon as I launch the game.  I tried killing that process, but then the game crashes shortly afterwards.


      Yeah, this game really doesn't want to work properly on Win7.  It predates the OS by 5 years.  Guess I'm going to try it on my Linux box, perhaps it works better under Wine. 


      Still is massive fun though




    3. Levent


      I just recalled how much I hated street x races in the game. (also rundll32 might be because of game explorer, I had the same issue with non battle.net version of starcraft and I had to go to Start Menu>Games>Game explorer and over there disable "check updates for games")