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  1. I was considering buying the XPS 15 but should I wait? Is there a new one coming out early next year? Or should I just buy it now? I will need this laptop to last for many years. Any thoughts?
  2. I'm considering the 390, 290x, or the 970. Is there any others I should consider? Which one is the best?
  3. I have Time Warner Cable Internet. What cable modem do you recommend? Should I get a cable modem wireless router combo? If you think I shouldn't, what wireless router do you recommend?
  4. What are your thoughts of the Nexus 6 Rumors?
  5. What is the best graphics card setup for 3 1080p monitors that gives you the best bang for your buck?
  6. Love your videos.You have inspired me to pursue and career in computers. I'm excited to see all the new videos you'll put out. Now for a completely unrelated subject, RAINBOW CATS!!!!