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  1. Look at Beats by Dre, huge dominance over the designer headphone market. Why? Because they spend billions on advertising, sponsorships, and their packaging/presentation. They're made for $50 and bought for $200. Why? Because customers like the look, the clean appeal of packaging, and the name that Beats by Dre has accumulated by all their advertising.


    Same with Apple. Every damn aspect is the same, although their product is far more perfected and more valuable. Anyone who argues against Apple's products, please refrain, because that company has built up a massive reputation and now has the ability to overprice their computers, tablets, and phones. Apple products are simpler, less customizable, and appeal to folks who like the aesthetics of not only the physical computer, but also the operating systems, without the options of extreme customizability. Even in Windows laptops, specs cannot be altered by a huge margin.


    And the reason why so many hipsters like Apple is because their products are sleek, stylish and straightforward.

    My strong support of Apple does, in no way, constitute my support of hipsters. Let that be clear.

  2. Looks nice, im no pro but i think 850w is a bit overkil?


    Yes, GTX 960 holds a very low TDP (120w)


    A 500w-650w gold+ would do nicely.



    Also, just for ease of use you may want to add a boot drive for faster loading- and you can also run photoshop on it

  3. Thanks! So is that the best card at that price range?


    Yeah, just about the best card at $200-250 range


    I like the looks of the STRIX, but MSI's will perform better (barely noticeable). I suggest looking at some pictures of each, and pick according to that and the color of your system.


    Edit: Welcome to the forums BTW!