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  1. i have WERA 05073675001 i like it but some times the screw get worn i dont know why but as for the screw driver its sold as a rock
  2. cant i am not from usa i am far away in order to return it the shiping to amazone alomst cost the ssd price also it was working good used for about 2 hours from the file date
  3. i have contacked amazone thy gave me 30% refund the ssd was shiped over sea it took more than a week for it to arive i am happy for the refund
  4. all videos wer recoverd but the images are not and here is some proof
  5. well i jsut orded an samsung SSD 250 gb from amzone the seller is amzone it was used the box was opend and the install guyd had some hand writng it works but i am so pised at them and i am checking the ssd with recovery apps to see what was it used on it turns out it was used as a external SSD and damn its full of stuf and personal stuff !! hes a amazone worker damn 100 gb worth of stuff
  6. with the new windows 10 anniversary update you can link your activation with your email try to like your email in your activatid laptop then try to link the same email to the pc and try to activate it with the email