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  1. I would use this pc for the living room
  2. I could use a better CPU I do video editing and some 3D modelling This would be a nice Christmas gift :lol:
  3. I like the item True Quiet Fans because i only have 3 fans in my case but it can hold up to 6 fans also its quiet, my case has sound dampening foam and its red so the red true quiet fans will fir well with color
  4. if i could change the color from yellow to red it would look like nice in my case... the fact that the extreme edition has red led and glows makes me happy
  5. I first saw linus 2 .5 years ago and I still watch your videos! I was just looking up some computer case (I don't remember witch one) anyways when ever I looked up a review about a computer hardware product you guys were the only videos I would see. when ever i meet a friend who is interested on building computer I always send them your way and even if there not interested I still send reviews about the products i'm building for them. On a side note I would very much appreciate if you were to update the front page from beta I was planning on making it my homepage but it never updates