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Everything posted by Kevin1Smid

  1. I dont have any power resistors around, would putting 4 1kOhm 0.25 watt resistors in parallel work?
  2. Could I use 330 ohm instead of 220 as i dont have any 220ohm resistors here :(, I mainly have loads in the 10k plus range
  3. Im trying to recreate your setup to make every led i have controlled through aura sync, how do I connect the load resistors? Just 220Ohm to the 12volt rail?
  4. They sure as hell look good now i want to test them!!!
  5. Is there a way to dissable cpu folding as my stock intel heatsink doesnt like folding and id still like to help with my gtx780
  6. My favorite is the lighting is guess as I love some proper lights and the nicest thing doesn't have to be the most expensive thing.
  7. That extreme editions looks a lot like the gigibyte windforce but the LEDS MAKE IT COOLER!
  8. Hey Linus I really like your videos, they learned me all I know about pc's that i know now. I'm building a lot of custom pc's for my friends about one per month but here is the funny part I'm still gaming on a old Intel Pentium D and a old AMD graphics card... I know this sounds like I'm one of those guys who whines about not having money, that isn't what I meant to do, I personnaly think this is just a little funny quote about me. Can you also do a giveaway of your logo as a wallsticker or some signed t-shirts. :rolleyes: Greets Kevin! LOVE YOU :wub: (not in a gay way in a way you love your daily entertainer)