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    AMD FX 6300
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    No Idea, Some MSI board
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    1 TB Drive
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    Dell Moniter
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  1. I'll keep it sweet and simple, I have 50$ and my headset is starting to break, what are some good sub 50$ headsets, in terms of build quality, sound quality and microphone quality?
  2. So recently my LG G4 started to boot loop, and I have an upgrade. I have been looking at some new phone to get and I am currently looking at the Pixel. I liked the interface, and ui of the G4, and I also really like the rear power button. I have hear that the pixel is extremely fragile. Should I get the pixel, or is there another phone I should look at? Thanks in advance
  3. So I am ordering some products to Norway through amazon, and there is an "Import Fee Deposit". How often does that number go up or down? Will I have to expect to pay more than it says? if so how much more? Thanks in advance!
  4. I think I'll go with the windows 10. When I install it do you know if it will be 64 bit, or will it still be 32 bit?
  5. I just had a random disc that was 32 bit lying around when I made the system
  6. I recently bought an rx 460 and the required drivers only work on 64 bit systems, and I only have a 32 bit system. What is a legit cheap place I can get windows 7 64 bit?
  7. Well couldn't I get a semi-modular PSU then get a kit for that?
  8. I am in need for some good looking interals, as I am tired of looking at the ghetto looking wires coming out of my PSU. What are some good PSUs that are modular for around 50$? and what custom cables would I need to buy for it to power my motherboard, 1 ssd, 1 hardrive, and a 1060?
  9. I rebuilt the database and i was able to play but it was in offline mode, then i restarted it again and it worked. Quite odd
  10. Today I come home l, turn on my ps4 And sign into my account only to be brought up with a blank menu screen. After 5 mins or so the menu shows up but with blank icons. Any ideas on how to fix it?
  11. So I am feeling a little nostalgic, and I wanna relive some moments and play some old GameBoy Games. What are some good emulators I can get on my computer? Thanks in Advance
  12. Thanks a ton guys, I am really excited to finally build this thing
  13. Just making sure. The "O" on the power supply is the one that needs to be pressed down for it to be off, right?