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  1. I think its an account details problem. My floatplane account is created from my forum account and I can't seem to login with my forum credentials or create different credentials for it on the Floatplane.com site since they are linked. I think I probably need to to wait until my current subscription expires or something and make a new account.
  2. Been trying to setup the latest version of the script, but I keep getting this error when I try and run it from the .bat file. Anyone got ideas on how to sort this?
  3. Thanks for making awesome videos. I've always liked how your videos are to the point and with all the info I need. Thanks also for teaching me that hard foam is better that soft in almost every case unboxing. Your videos also helped me build my first PC and got me interested in PC gaming and hardware. It would be awesome to win something but with up to 100,000 others entering I won't be disappointed if I don't. EDIT - I accidentally made two posts in this thread so don't include this one in the draw or just delete this post.