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  1. The thing is that these all seem pretty thick or bulky, which makes me less incentivized to buy them as a student. I'm more so looking for thickness under 1"
  2. The issue is that I have to ship it to or from school whenever I have to come home like for breaks or holidays.
  3. I'm not as particular about the keyboard. Though I wouldn't say its as comfortable as a mechanical switch, this is one of the more understandable compromises I have to make for portability, which I'm fine with as long as they aren't too mushy.
  4. azninvsn13

    RGB Desktop Background Possible?

    What I used to do was just use a simple image editor and change the color or tint of the image to different colors and then put it all into a folder (obvi not 16.8 million files, but enough) and set it to just cycle through these images. Or look at wallpaper engine?
  5. So I'm a college student who has had my own rig since 2014 outfitted with a i5 4690k and a GTX 970, and I was at a point where I saved up a good amount of money and I knew that I would be transferring to somewhere away from home. I've always been interested in portable gaming and having a laptop that can crush those AAA titles and still allow me to carry it around as a student, but even with the GTX 9-series mobile variants, I knew the price to performance was definitely not worth it. After seeing the new pascal cards go mobile and seeing that the difference in performance was only 10-15%, I could justify buying a laptop of that caliber and price. Then in December, I bought the ASUS GL502VS (i7 6700HQ, GTX 1070) and I'm a fan, but am starting to question this purchase. I wanted to get some more opinions or knowledge about this because the return window is closing (well, I'm returning anyways, since the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the 'F' key being stuck, as well as the left side USB port constantly connecting and disconnecting, is really pissing me off) and wanted to see if I should buy a different laptop instead? Some shortcomings I've noticed in my month+ using the ASUS GL502VS: 1. Battery life was dreadful, lasting maybe a little over an hour, which really sucks because as a debater/debate coach, I need my laptop at the ready with files, research, etc. 2. It's fucking heavy and thick as shit. This is apparently one of the lighter and thinner gtx 1070 laptops which sucks because I think the 1060 has some performance deltas it needs to climb before real viability in terms of what I want to game on it 3. This charging brick is unbelievable. I could kill a man with how big and heavy this piece of crap was. 4. Good god I hate gaming/gaming-centered aesthetics. And the black and orange, while stylistically looks fine, with the ROG symbol and harsh accents, was too much for me. 5. This thing picks up fingerprints like a fucking CSI. I touch it and I feel like I have enough oil in my fingers for America to plant a flag and declare my hands a transitioning democracy. Some potential replacements I've found, but are unsure of and would love some input on: 1. Razer Blade (with the matte black dbrand skin obvi since I don't want a light up green snake orgy as my logo) - the GTX 1060 is kinda the turn off for me. I know its way better than the 970m that was in it last year, but I still don't think it can run a lot of the things I'd like at a steady 60 fps, such as the Division, or GTA V (with heavy mods like script mods, ENBs, new textures etc). The GTX 1060 in general kinda makes me sad because it can't outperform the 970 I have in my rig, Plus its pricing at a good storage space (512 GB) at $1999 kinda blows when compared to the $1760 I paid for the ASUS, which was outfitted with a 1070. I looked into getting an external hard drive, but I don't know how practical that is in terms of convenience and speeds for games. 2. MSI GS63VR - Same concerns, except for the price gap which I find absurd for Razer. But still, nearing almost the same price I paid for the ASUS, is kind of a turn off + it can't outperform my rig currently. 3. Gigabyte P35X v6 - Probably my favorite pick since its 0.83 inches and medium weight at 5.3 lbs and still rocks a GTX 1070. Apparently the battery life ain't too shabby, though I think real world experience varies. But compared to option 4... 4. Wait - I'm not too sure about this option since my 970 is starting to feel a little weak in the joints with these new pascal cards out and esp with the skylake refresh (AKA Kaby Lake), I'm not sure if there will be a new iteration soon enough. But if the wait time to my ideal gaming laptop is only a year, I may very well consider it. But I also have no information on new or upcoming products or announcements for this so if you do, please let me know. 5. Save lots of money, buy a GTX 1080 for my rig, and lug that thing to college, depending on where I transfer. Anyways, thanks for reading my rant, let me know what you think is the right option here. Or educate me on some stuff because I might be a really misinformed moron.
  6. Found y'all when trying to build my first PC. Still don't have the money for it, but at least I've got the dreams now. Love all the videos you do!