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    I'm just a lazy fucker.

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  1. Thanks for all the videos, the quality has improved so much over the years.
  2. x-Mez

    What keyboard do you use?

    Wasd v2 tkl with mx blue and a keycool numpad(also blues).
  3. x-Mez

    Peripherals -> Performance/Comfort

    A mechanical keyboard is usually of a pretty good build quality and can hold up longer than a membrane. It will feel different from a membrane and most people prefer a mechanical keyboard after having tried it. As for mice it's usually not as important, a gaming mouse offers thing such as a better sensor and ergonomics that fit the hand better, depending on how you grip the mouse this can be good. You should see if you can go to a local store and try some different mice and keyboards to see what you like.
  4. x-Mez

    Anyone here playing osu!

    Just play more eventually you will get better.
  5. Wondering if there is anyone here who plays osu!, would love to play multiplayer sometime. Doesn't really matter how good you are, it's all for fun anyways. Feel free to add me and message me any time. IGN: xMez
  6. x-Mez

    pirateing ?

    I pirate most things, mostly since I don't like to pay but also since it's a pain in the ass for me to pay for things on the internet.
  7. x-Mez

    Anime= Eng Dub vs Eng Sub

    Subs since I don't like waiting for a dubbed release, and I don't have any problem with watching subbed.
  8. x-Mez

    How long do you stare inside your computer?

    Never, it's under my desk and doesn't have a window.
  9. x-Mez

    How much data do you use a month?

    My computer was off for the time that I was not home.
  10. x-Mez

    How much data do you use a month?

    Last 30 days I've used 6.8TB though I've been away from home for two weeks so during a normal month it would be a lot more.
  11. x-Mez

    What's Your Favorite Audio Codec?

    There needs to be more options for buying music.
  12. x-Mez

    PC Problems you live with

    My 570 is a fucking three slot card and sags quite a lot if I don't hold it up with something, what's holding it up currently is a pencil.
  13. White, it just looks really clean.