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    Civil Engineering Student


  • CPU
    Intel i7 4790K
  • Motherboard
    ASRock Z97 Extreme6
  • RAM
    Kingston HX Beast 16GB 2400MHz CL11
  • GPU
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980
  • Case
    CoolerMaster Storm Stryker
  • Storage
    Corsair Force (240GB) ; Samsung 850 EVO (250GB) ; Seagate SSHD (1TB)
  • PSU
    BeQuiet Powerzone 750W
  • Display(s)
    BenQ XL2420G
  • Cooling
    1x 200mm TOP ; 1x 140mm BACK ; 2x 120mm BOT ; 2x 120mm SIDE ; 1x Zalman CPU Fan
  • Keyboard
    Tesoro Durandal
  • Mouse
    Tesoro Gungnir
  • Sound
    CoolerMaster Storm Sirus
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
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  1. If I may join, I have a slightly different question. I'm planning to upgrade my almost 5 year old rig. It also runs a i7-4790K @ 4.0GHz (stock) with 16GB RAM and a Windforce GTX980 on a 1080p@144Hz BenQ G-sync monitor. I want to upgrade to a 1440p@90+fps G-sync. I'm willing to lower graphics settings in-game to achieve higher frames (generally high settings, don't need ultra). So I was thinking that a RTX2070 (Super) would be sufficient. Question is, would I need a CPU upgrade if I do like 90% gaming and 10% workbench? My CPU doesn't seem to bottleneck my current setup, but can hit peaks of 90% during some heavy load instances. However my pc doesn't seem to become any less responsive, at least not significant. I was thinking of an AMD Ryzen 5 3600X for the decent price and I would like to give AMD a chance again because I used to run a Athlon XII (that thing was amazing). However benchmarks don't show a very significant increase in fps for the extra investment. What are your thoughts? I'm not the kinda guy that goes RTX2080 Ti with a 9900K and do hella overclocking. Generally just let the boosting do its work and prefer stable high fps over extremely fancy graphics.
  2. EquiliMario

    Feenix Collection Giveaway

    Wow those are some slick designs. Really like the authentic look of the headset and sharp corners on the keyboard and mousepad. The mouse looks of great quality and grippy. And the black....I just love it
  3. EquiliMario

    HDD unallocated after Mobo switch

    I'm familiar with this program (as I have seen it used. Maybe used it once myself). However the partition recovery wizard does not recognise the unallocated partition (yet it shows in the disk list as unallocated). So I can't proceed the recovery. I've tried automatic and manual
  4. EquiliMario

    HDD unallocated after Mobo switch

    I can't check that
  5. Went from Asus AMD mobo to ASRock Intel mobo (Z97 Extreme 6). Installed new (empty) SSD on Sata3_0, old (boot) SSD on Sata3_1 and used (storage) HDD on Sata3_2. Bios recognises all devices (only when in this order, else HDD is not detected in BIOS). Now Windows 8.1 64 bit does not recognise the HDD as allocated. The device manager says all 500GB are unallocated. Is there a way to let Windows see the drive as already allocated? I'd rather not format it because it has some important documents stored on it. Anything helps! Cheers, Gonzo P.S. BIOS has SATA3 mode as AHCI. All ports used are Sata3 and running the Intel chipset, not the ASmedia slots.
  6. EquiliMario

    1CPU, 1GPU, Need Parts Checked

    THEY'RE CLOSED?? U sure? The Noctua's are just so damn ugly I'll see if I can change. Thanks!
  7. Hi there, I'm new to watercooling. I'd love to get my selected parts checked. Pump: Swiftech MCP655 w/ 3/8" Conversion Kit (317GPH) http://www.frozencpu.com/products/6190/ex-pmp-54/Swiftech_MCP655_12v_Water_Pump_w_Speed_Control_and_38_Conversion_Kit_317_GPH.html?tl=g30c107s1802 Res: XSPC 5.25" Bay Reservoir http://www.frozencpu.com/products/2184/ex-res-104/XSPC_525_Bay_Reservoir_-_Clear_Silver_Black.html?tl=g30c97s168 Rad: Alphacool NexXxos ST30 (Dual 140mm) http://www.frozencpu.com/products/22071/ex-rad-658/Alphacool_NexXxoS_ST30_Full_Copper_Slim_Profile_Dual_140mm_Radiator.html?tl=g30c95s930#blank Fans: Aerocool Shark 140x25 High Air Pressure (96.52 CMF | 1.069mm H2O) http://www.frozencpu.com/products/11639/fan-747/Aerocool_Shark_Black_Edition_140mm_x_25mm_High_Air_Pressure_Fan.html?tl=g36c15s775#blank Setup will have the Res mounted in a top bay. Pump preferably at the bottom (to create more head pressure before the pump). From pump to GPU, to CPU, to Rad in the top of the case (CM Storm Stryker) and back into reservoir. The Rad will be mounted slightly higher than the reservoir. Question: Is the Rad sufficient for the 2 cooled components? Are the fans powerfull enough? How does this pump 3/8" Conversion kit work? I know most Rads and Res are G1/4 threaded. Do I need some pump top for a proper mount? Additional Info: There will be room for 1x120mm (back) and 2x120mm (bottom) Rad. In foresight there will be a second GPU to be cooled. (A second Rad is propably preferable, but don't take this into consideration for the 1CPU, 1GPU loop please) CPU = i7 4790K GPU = GTX 980 The currect pricing for all components is €245,-. My budget isn't much above that since I have tubing etc. to buy too. (definitely keep these components under €300) Target: I'm looking for lower temperatures. The components will get OC with the watercooling system, but not crazy amounts (OC where air cooling could keep system under dangerous temps).
  8. EquiliMario

    GTX970 or GTX980 [1080p, 60Hz++, Gsync]

    Yes I've already decided to get a 4790K. It'll balance out the budget Thanks for the heads up
  9. EquiliMario

    GTX970 or GTX980 [1080p, 60Hz++, Gsync]

    @FLUFFYJELLO @bydus Awesome thank you for the great advice. I'll propably get a 980 and maybe get a second in the future. That should be more than enough. The 980 Ti is really tempting but the price is just over my budget. My new build is already E1500 with a 980 . @ItsGinger35 That's a great monitor. But I only have my BenQ XL2420G for a couple of months now, don't need a second one
  10. EquiliMario

    GTX970 or GTX980 [1080p, 60Hz++, Gsync]

    @FLUFFYJELLO @bydus So it basically comes down to this right? You can get dual 970's and beat the 980 and close to 980 Ti (970's OC I presume) You can get a single 980. OC it and equal a 980 Ti. You can get a single 980 Ti. OC it and beat the Titan X. There are pro's and cons for both. You can take the pref/price ration into account, VRAM, Clock speeds, Average OC clock speeds. But in the end it comes down to what your/my budget is. And to be fair if I get dual 970's, I could buy the 980 Ti and OC that. And if I buy the 980 it's a great middle ground. So you can conclude that I'll propably wait for what the prices are going to do in the next days/weeks and decide what I truly want. Since obviously a 970 will do just fine, but everything above will give me that extra kick. Correct?
  11. EquiliMario

    GTX970 or GTX980 [1080p, 60Hz++, Gsync]

    70-95% Is quite high, but you are really pushing it so that is normal. Thanks for the user input, always good to know how it practically performs.
  12. EquiliMario

    GTX970 or GTX980 [1080p, 60Hz++, Gsync]

    Well with Gsync I'm kinda stuck to NVIDIA. Although AMD is releasing their freesync. I've had AMD for some years. 3 years ago I bought a GTX660 Ti and it simply felt better. So i'm propably sticking to NVIDIA for now. 980 Ti's are quite expensive tho haha. But I could shape of some money with going Z97 and 4790K instead of X99 and 5820k. That should balance it out. Thanks! Then I will propably change to a 4790K and get a nice OC on it. It'll save some bucks for the GPU. Thanks!
  13. EquiliMario

    GTX970 or GTX980 [1080p, 60Hz++, Gsync]

    Are you guys sure that these CPU's will last as long as 5 years (OC possible)? I currently have 8GB and it is indeed enough. I just like to get 16GB just so there is always plenty. I could go slower if that is really enough for gaming. I have 750W so the PSU won't max out that easily when under full load and future compatiblity SLI is an option indeed. But I like single card systems. Dual SLI just seems to overdone although it can give much better perf/price ratios. Getting a second 970 is a great tip. Thanks Awesome. Is that 60+ stable? BenQ XL2420G. So 144Hz 1080p with Gsync
  14. TARGET PC PARTS: -i7-5820K -ASRock X99 Extreme6 -16GB DDR4 2400Mhz -NVIDIA GPU (To choose) -750W 80+ Bronze (Owned) TARGET GAMES: -(Competitive) FPS gamer (BF4, CSGO, TitanFall -RPG gamer (Skyrim, Witcher, Tomb Raider 2013) -Other games that don't require high-end hardware TARGET EXPERIENCE: -1080p gaming (For more than 5 years the least) -60Hz++ (Preferably stable 80-90 and over) -High to Ultra Settings (Vsync disabled, use of Gsync) -Future Compatible (not proof ) PLANNING AND BUDGET: -What is neccesary for the target. But a E500 for GPU is past the comfort zone. -Watercooled CPU, GPU (For future concern. Approx. 1-2 years after buy) SIDE INFO: -Best buy for a system that can run modern games in High to Ultra settings (Gsync) -Best buy for a system that can run future games in Medium to Ultra settings (Gsync) -Lifespan of system: Approx. 5 years and more. Minor upgrades as RAM, Cooling, Storage included. A question asked a lot. It seems that a 970 should work for the above target, but the issue is future compatibility. I am willing to spend more for the 980 to make sure that future compatiblity is guaranteed.