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  1. Hi guys, I'm looking to get some parts to make some cables for my pc. Where's a good site to buy them from. BTW i was gonna use MDPC-X but they are currently closed. I dont need to buy sleeving just the cable parts themselves (eg. wire, connects, molex pins, molex tool, etc) Heaps of thanks. Wayne
  2. thank you!!! you are an absolute legend
  3. but arent there male and female atx pins cause thats what i got confused on
  4. Hi everyone, i have a ax760i and im looking to doing custom cables but i have no clue what i need like pin wise. so if you guys could help me by telling me what pins i need it would be amazing. What i am using: 24pin 8pin cpu 8pin gpu 6 + 2 pin gpu but only using the 6 2 sata power (using sperate ones for my hdd and ssd looks better in my case. will make a third one to run my h100 off) so what pins and how many of each pin will i need to do my cables. thanks for the help WayneKing
  5. its looks sick i ordered an S3 and it shipped today so it should arrive here start of next week
  6. or is it fine to use lightly such as using facebook and stuff nothing intensive like gaming
  7. Hi everyone, I am buying my pc components today but my case hasnt arrived yet (cause i bought it online and it hasnt shipped in yet). so i was wondering, to what extent can i rest the motherboard on the box. i was planning to install windows and set up my hdd as a storage drive. Or should i just let it post and wait for my case to arrive before i do anything? Thanks for the help Wayne
  8. hi everyone, Im about to do a build and i have no disk drive to install windows so i am planning to install it from my usb. my question is if i partition my external hdd will it erase what i already have on there? and will i be able to use it normally after like get rid of the partition? or should i just buy an 8gb usb to install windows 8.1(64 bit)? Thanks for the help Wayne
  9. I'm not sure if anyone has posted this yet but i found this quite humorous and thought id share it with all you guys so yeah. Is Adventure Time A Gateway Drug To LSD, Homosexuality and the Rave Lifestyle?http://christwire.org/2012/04/is-adventure-time-a-gateway-drug-to-lsd-homosexuality-and-the-rave-lifestyle/ So read the article if you want and comment about it if you want.
  10. http://forums.bit-tech.net/showpost.php?p=3432785&postcount=115 and you think you had it hard. tsssk tsssk my friend tsssk tsssk
  11. where did you find the fillport and what is it called??? been looking for it but cant find it
  13. yeah i didnt realise it when i first saw but i was making sure you new