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  1. Im talking about the ambient temperature inside my case
  2. Hey guys, Just installed new, low RPM fans and I was wondering How hot is too hot as the temp inside my case? WHile gaming it usually reaches 35 at most, is this ok? Thanks, Geordan
  3. So whats your opinion? What fans should I get?
  4. Hey guys, I was wanting your opinion of the Noctua NF-F12 Vs Be Quiet! Silent WIngs 2. I will be using for intake and exhaust fans in my case which is an Enthoo Pro I am a silence freak so silence is a must for me with the fans Please leave your opinion and or experience with either of these fans or alternatives Thanks in advance, Geordan
  5. Great, thanks for the help =]
  6. Hey Guys, I am wanting to upgrade from my stock case fans on my Enthoo Pro as they are quite loud. What are some good, quiet fans in either 120mm or 140mm varieties? For me the biggest priority is being quiet. Thanks in advance, Geordan
  7. Hey guys, I think my default fans are a little loud, but i'm not too sure as I havent got any friends with computer towers. WIll I notice the difference in noise levels between my stock fans in my Enthoo pro (1x120 plus 1x240mm) and AF120? I think because of the 24-mm i will Thanks, Geordan
  8. No no gpu right now, thats all thats missing from my pc......
  9. Whats a 290's performace like compared to a 970?
  10. Hey Everyone, I currently have 370 AU dollars towards a graphics card........I am torn between buying a 960 now (370 AUD 960) or having the extra 150 dollars to get a 970 (519 AUD 970) I would like to play titles now and soon at high settings 1080p. What do I do? Also making 150 dollars is a big deal for me as i am in year 9. Thanks, Geordan
  11. I have at idle I have 23-27 degrees celc8us