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    AMD FX-6300 4.1GHz
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  1. Yea I read about the A series chipset however I'm not looking to overclock or add more than one card. The part that sucks for me only 2 ram slots and 2 fan connectors (cpu and case fan). But I have a Molex to 3 fan adapter for that.
  2. Going to look at a pc Monday. Ryzen 5 1600 Msi pro series A320 R9 390 (dont know brand, has 3 fans tho) 8GB ram ddr4 2400 240GB ssd Corsair TX550M psu Cooler master cooler box lite 3.1 Nova bench score: 2318 Cpu: 1238 RAM 218 GPU 773 Disk 89 I tallied the parts if i were to buy all new. Comes to about $700 USD. He came down to $300 from $350 listing price. I feel pretty confident about this as I am going to snag the cpu and mobo to complete my current rig and save the other parts for another build. What do you guys think? I saw the gpu for about $300-$400 brand new
  3. Considering buying a second hand ryzen first gen chip with mobo and ram. Specs Ryzen 7 1700x Msi x370 gaming pro carbon 16gb ddr4 3000mhz (2 sticks 8gb each) It seems the parts used on Ebay would run about 300 usd. What would be a fair offer since it is gen one ryzen? Or would I be better set buying a 3rd gen ryzen 3 or 5 chip?
  4. I recently found a PC for sale. I'm trying to replace components on my current rig. I have found a PC listed at 250. The parts I'm concerned about is the Intel i7 3820 processor and the DX79TO X97 mobo. I've read some good reviews about this processor. Heard nothing about the mobo. Current rig a FX6300, 16gb ram, and a Asus m5a99X evo r2.0. Would this be a decent deal for a used PC. I know the dangers of used computer parts. The reason why I want this PC is because of the other parts I could hold for building another PC.
  5. To completely wipe my machine how would i wipe the drives. Physically take them out and format them on another machine?
  6. Yea that makes sense im just going through every thing trying to find a solution or problem.
  7. My H Drive seems to be corrupted of some sort. The computer will no longer read it. No H drive pops up under devices. The external portable hardrive is spinning up with no weird sounds and the light is flashing as always. WD Passport Ultra
  8. Pressed Win Key, typed defrag clicked on it- nothing popped up Clicked on it again-> run as admin -> nothing pops up. Edit 1) It popped up after 5 minutes Edit 2) clicked on optimize for the C Drive - defrag window disappeared (5 minutes still nothing) Edit 3) Defrag window popped up - says the drive was optimized 12/5/2016. however no progress bar or notification popped up?
  9. about a month ago I noticed my PC getting progressively slower and glitchier. I had nothing to lose so I factory reset my PC in hopes of a fresh start and fast speeds. However after the restart (kept local files) my PC was still experiencing the same symptoms. Slow start up- very slow (around 1 minute) (SSD) When I click shut down the menu closes and I can still use the PC for about 10 minutes until the PC finally decides to shut down. Feels like the shut down command is delayed. An error code pops up every log in - something about windows essentials and windows defender not getting along. Checked into it, went to delete windows essentials and it was not listed under the programs Finally I decided to run a windows defender search- First a Quick search which found nothing - Then a Full search which found a SoftwareBundler and a Trojan (dynamo!ac or something). Windows defender successfully deleted both threats. Both threats were found in the Win32 directory. Still after reboot the computer takes about a minute to startup to login screen. Programs are severely delayed, Solidworks CAD program is extremely slow compared when it was first installed. Always freezing, have to give it a minute for a simple extrude or fillet. Still when I click shut down it is delayed by about 10 minutes- Restart works right away though. I am at a loss for ideas, Defragging the drives at the moment but I have no clue what is happening. FX 6300 @ 4.1GHz 16GB RAM 1600MHz R9 280x tri Saffire @1000MHz Core / 1400MHz Memory ASUS M5A99X 2.0 MoBo Samsung 840 120GB SSD 1TB Green Drive (have a 1TB passport portable drive plugged in, but used for backups for documents) 850 Silver rating Power Supply Edit: computer has a very hard time reading files. I click on the downloads folder and have to wait minutes for file names to load. If i click in the window the file explorer will stop working
  10. Recently just installed a patcher for a certain program and instead got bad stuff. Loaded up windows about 15 windows popped up on the desktop. Then blue screen of death pops up. Restarted computer and it just won't go away. My laptop is the MSI GT70 Dominator. It loads to fast for me to go into the bios to run safe mode. What can I do? Any other info needed just ask 64bit win 8
  11. I looked and BO3 locks the refresh rate at 59.40Hz for my current monitor. Should i also change the setting of the monitor properties to 59Hz
  12. I just reinstalled my Graphics drivers last week
  13. And certain points within my game play the screen will just mess up. On League of Legends randomly and object will trigger it. Example i look at a mushroom on the map and the object stretches all over the screen, move away and its gone. Now for the rest of that game it will stretch that object if its on the screen. Will continue to do so until the game is over. second example is black ops 3, The death marker will look like its obstructed by purple checkers. This happens many times in the game randomly. I either have to turn the settings up or down and it stops. This happens with v sync on and off. When i have COD loaded and tab out checkered boxes form on webpages, Skype or anything I'm viewing. I am using a r9 280x Sapphire TriX with a monitor that was taken from a store bought home PC. Usually Black Ops 3 runs at 40-60fps on medium-high and a little lower when streaming, tearing affect is worse when trying to stream. Now i would like to stop this all together. Whats the solution? New monitor(60Hz 1080p monitor), better GPU? Also wonder what your thoughts are for buying another 280x or scraping my current for a 390x? If new monitor then please send a link, under 200 please Upgrading either monitor of GPU not MB or CPU so don't tell me to switch to Intel right now. FX 6300 @ 4.1GHz R9 280x @ 1130GHz Core, 1617 Memory M5A99X R2.0
  14. problem solved had to type -novid -noborder into the argument under game properties
  15. 15.200.1062.1004 -driver for my gpu