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  1. Whoa, is it that you won the silicon lottery, or how much voltage are you pushing it to 5960X???
  2. Update: I kept on getting additional BSDO, now it got worse at 4.3Ghz @ 1.401V... Yikes X.X But it still beats i9-9900 in multicore score. Just not the K series and above. I see why this guy is still going strong..
  3. Even at 1.35V my 5960X is keep on returning CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT BSOD so many times. ;__; It boots fine at start, but it throws off when I put CPU in 100% state (Not Prim95 stress test, just light benchmarking programs like Geekbench 5 or some game benchmarks). I'll put my cash aside until when AMD makes any kind of announcements in CES next month. My take on next month is focusing more on mobile processors, but will see.
  4. I'm doing little bit of everything. Gaming, VM, Sound Mixing, Video Editing, etc. More cores the better for VM for sure. I also checked my Geekbench 5 vs 9900K... still a far way to go. Imma try 4.5Ghz soon and there's no way I'm injecting this more than 1.4V... Do I wanna just drop the cash and go for Threadripper instead...? But gaming wise 3970X doesn't really perform better tho.
  5. Alright. I decided to push the CPU from 4.2Ghz to 4.4Ghz instaed @ 1.396V... Stupid silicon lottery but oh well.
  6. I have now i7-5960X @ 4.2Ghz running for 5 years now, and I’m seeing 3rd gen Ryzen processors showing up. R9 3900X seems to pack more cores for less price than I first purchased 5960X before. Do you think 5960X is still powerful enough to keep going and there aren’t strong reason enough to jump ship to 3rd Ryzen? Or R9 3900X is clearly the better CPU now? Or should I even wait for 3950X to actually be available again? It’s not easy to decide since there are no direct game benchmark differences between them. I know I have zero reason to upgrade from 1080Ti.
  7. Well, I moved the sound card above my GTX 1080 Ti, and this fixed my problem! My GPU shouldn't lose buses, since 5960X and X99 should allow X16-X16 PCIe lane configuration...
  8. I have Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatality card. If I use the headphone on the sound card, I get humming noise with amplification if I move my MX Master mouse around, or play LinusTechTips videos. If I use the front headphone panel on the front (where the front panel port connected to the sound card), there are no noises! So weird! I've swapped different cables, isolated all speaker cables away from power and video cables with no success. Any tips would be really appreciated!
  9. I finally got my dominator platinum and I'm done for now. If I ever get extra time to further work on my build, I'll add window panel and motherboard heatsink painting to complete black / white color combination. Thank you to those who watched and responded.
  10. Thanks everybody for sharing your overclocking experience!! Now I am much more familiar with where I'm staged now. Definitely I got almost an unanimous vote on selecting H80i was not a good choice for 5960X. (I'm in dead end for that since I have FT03 case...)
  11. I've over-set to 1.26 before, sure the P95 ran for quite a while, but the temp was hitting as high as 95C! I guess H80i is too small for this beast huh?
  12. Apparently even after setting my BIOS as 1.185 + 0.015, it adds more than 1.2. I'm thinking if voltage config is set to Adaptive Mode, it causes that?
  13. This 5960X has been OC'd to 4 Ghz with VCore of 1.185 + offset of 0.015V Yet the CPU just gives in after 30 minutes of torture testing via Prime95. I'm wondering if there are more things I can play around before admitting I got a below-average CPU. Basically the hardware are the following besides the CPU AsRock X99M Killer MB Corsair H80i 2x GTX 780 Ti 1200W Silverstone Strider Gold Evo I would like to hear your thoughts.