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  • Birthday Oct 25, 1996

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    Maryland, US
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    Automotive Technician


  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 3600
  • Motherboard
    MSI B450 Tomahawk Max
  • RAM
    G. Skill TridentZ Neo 3600 CL16
  • GPU
    Sapphire Pulse 5700XT
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define C Windowless
  • Storage
    Crucial P1 500GB
    Seagate Barracuda 2TB x2
  • PSU
    Seasonic Focus GX-750 80+ Gold
  • Display(s)
    MSI Optix G32 1080p
  • Cooling
    Scythe Fuma 2
  • Keyboard
    Razer Huntsman Elite
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    Razer Death Adder
    Logitech MX Ergo trackball
  • Laptop
    Lenovo Y-700
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  1. Penny for your thoughts?

    1. Grumpy Old Man
    2. Ratchet7989


      Well thats better than what i had in mind

  2. Saw those fans and immediately thought "wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff". looks great!
  3. OS re-install worked, just wish there was an easier way that guaranteed it wont happen again.
  4. So i'm either dumb or blind but i do not see where to completely disable ReLive nor does googling seem to be helpful
  5. Been noticing some high CPU idle temps, when going into control panel i notice "Radeon Software: Host Application" utilizing 10-15% of my CPU causing idle temps to hover around 50c (Monitored both in Ryzen Master and CPUID HWMonitor). This is more of an annoyance than a dire situation, but seeing how my normal idle temps were around 36c i would rather not have my CPU experiencing high temps for no reason. Currently running latest AMD Radeon drivers, ver. 20.11.2 I have tried the optional drivers and two sets of previous drivers where this issue was not present to no avail. There is an old fix
  6. new hdd today......i hate myself....


  7. i was a dummy and bought a case without a side window and now regret it. So now i keep checking fractal's site to see if they have the window panel in stock. Says it should be in next week so here is hoping i can snatch one.
  8. Didn't wanna waste space in trouble shooting since my problem is solved but i thought i would share the story anyway. Here seemed a good a place as any. So i bought a new WLAN card for my PC because reasons. after installing, no post (Que dramatic music), VGA error light is on on MoBo, immediately start checking cables and re-seating card, no change. Begin to get frustrated, all of sudden system posts but a hard drive (not my boot drive) isn't showing, start checking those cables, system not posting again with same VGA error light. After fooling around with GPU some more to no avail I unp
  9. Found this gem in my local retro game store today. Gonna do a nuzlocke in sapphire just like old times. I added the stickers (they increase FPS!)
  10. Just curious on how you determined the boards were DOA. It's certainly not impossible that two in a row would be bad and I'm sure you and your friend didn't make a mistake, I'm just genuinely curious since i have the same board and it worked fine. And if it truly is dead then either gamble a third time or try getting a different board not a whole lot you could do there i think.
  11. Gotta say, those things would make for quite an impressive part of my set up. thank you for the recommendations
  12. I will certainly look into these things, thank you.
  13. Sounds good do you have any suggestions?