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    Gaming, technology, AutoCad, computers..


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    Intel Core i7-4790K,s1150
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    MSI Z97 PC Mate,s1150 OR MSI Z97 U3 PLUS
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    Corsair Vengeance 1600-8GB (2x4GB
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    MSI GeForce GTX 970 GAMING, 4GB
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    Corsair Carbide 300R with Window
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    Western Digital Black 1TB - 3.5inch
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    Corsair CXM 600W
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    Benq rl2455hm
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    steelseries apex raw
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    trust gxt 152
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    Windows 8

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  1. Yes, but all stores don't re-stock them. So i'm going to need something else.
  2. Hey, I would like to upgrade my 2 x 8GB ram sticks to 4 x 8GB. The thing is i can't seem to find a site who sells the same sticks so my question for you guys; what kind of sticks can i get best? PC specifications: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/tzL8zN Side note: i would like to got 2 x 8GB. so no other upgrades are needed, or i do not plan on upgrading this rig (only to 16gb of ram)
  3. Swapping the PSU with the one from my friends PC will be for next weekend. So until than i can't test annything. When i swapped/tested with the other PSU i let you know how it went.
  4. I just don’t understand. When i am browsing the web or anything like it everything works fine. The moment I open up a game even when the CPU and GPU isn’t working hard it reboots.
  5. It's a Cooler Master G550M, this is the link: https://www.afuture.nl/product/1049141/cooler-master-gm-series-g550m-550w I sould ask if i can use one of a friend. If he will let me to.
  6. I hope it’s not, any way to monitor this? No, never overclocked Anything yet. How can i know it's my PSU? Just took some more test. Its goes allot faster now.. was playing BF4 settings where on normal and was changing it to ultra and it rebooted. edit: also, when not gaming it runs just fine no reboot at all.
  7. Hello, a few weeks ago i started having problems while gaming. Was playing and my computer just rebooted itself out of nowhere. I didn’t make a big deal out of it but in the next few days it kept happening. My computer was a mess anyway so I decided to clean install windows 10 again. So clean install, drivers up to date and ready to go. But it happened again, so I filmed my screen while gaming with HWmonitor… when the computer crashed this was the result: As you can see, max temp over the system was 69°C so no overheating or something like it. One of the weird thing to, the crashes happen randomly so like sometimes I am 15min in the game, other time I am 1 hour in the game. PC specs: - I7-4790K - 8GB ddr3 ram - MSI Gaming GTX 970 - MSI pc mate z97 - Power supply 550W Anyone who can help me? greetz, Arno
  8. just looked at the program seems to be good. but some how it keeps failing don't know why? I need to copy all the 550GB from the old drive to the new one!
  9. please, anny solution? they went both to 0bytes/s for about 1 hour now... i can open and look at all the filles on the hard drive but the copying stopped..
  10. i am sorry, i clicked on the submut butten by accident.
  11. hello, A year ago my old laptop broke so i took the WD blue 2,5" 640gb storage out of it and bougt an Sata to usb 3.0 box to use it as external hard drive. Now i want to back up my stuff since i cleaned my computer and clean installed windows on it. But the drive was not working annymore. So i connected stright to my computer useing the sata and power cables. I bought myself an WD elements 1tb external hard drive. Now copying between the two is low to zero speeds.. i got a max of 1-2mb AT MOST and most of the time i got 400 bytes/s (it somthis goes up to 40-50mb/s for just a sec and goes down again) as seen on the photo the one on top just stopped working for about 30-40min now. how can i fix this, since all my stuff is on the old hard drive.. (P.s, i publised this to soon, was not done typing) greetz, Arno
  12. hey, Right now i own a 24" benq rl2455hm gaming monitor. For media and game's it is great! But for school i could use a second monitor for more working space! Since i am studying NMCT (a IT/programming study) i could use a second monitor around 22", but it would be great if i can rotate it vertical for programming. this is what i am looking for: - 20-22" in size (little smaller than my main 24") - 1080p - if it could, rotate vertical/horizontal - budged, no need for low respone time since it would only be used for programming/browser monitor. anny suggestions. p.s, since i ask for a low budged i think its hard to find one thad can rotate... anny suggestion on a low budged wall mount so i can mount it at the wall and rotate it that way? thanks!
  13. my laptop is: HP G62 so, i went back to windows 8.1 (like i used to have, and worked fine), i got my ISO on USB and before installing i dit this: at the instal page of windows i went to command promp and dit those commands: - diskpart - list disk - select disk 0 - clean - convert gpt - exit than i just installed windows, since its on old computer and i kinda lazy to look for drivers i use Driver Booster Pro 2 to update the drivers. And just like windows 10, RESTART. it does the same restart loop again! when i boot up in safe mode, it does not restart... but when i go back to normal mode it goes again 3-5 min on and than restart and now i can't even make it up to the login screen. i need to hard shut down my laptop and re-start it menually to get back to the desktop to see it restart itself again afther 3-5 min... i also turned AFF "Turn on fast startup (recommended)" since i read this could be the problem, but it was not.
  14. can't check if i got all drivers (since i only have 5min until restart), but i think i do. i also tryed to re-instal but it dit not help
  15. thads why i would like to know whats rong, and how to fix it. it was a clean instal...