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  1. it says "connection timeout" or packet loss or whatever so i guess it is connection. my ping will be like 9 and perfectly fine and then it just randomly times out, 500ping, for a few seconds and then returns to normal.
  2. i verified the game and im currently using wifi but dont have issues in any other game. I could try ethernet to see if that fixes it
  3. Im getting this persistent issue in fortnite where every minute or so, my character stops moving and everything freezes for a few seconds, and then im back and the other players have teleported etc. I dont think its an issue with my PC, maybe a connection issue or something, but I have no idea how to trouble shoot it. I have a 1070 and i5-6600k so i dont think my hardware is the problem but not sure. thanks for any help
  4. 1070 i5-6600k plan on playing most AAA games, + fortnite csgo and other shooters. thought it might help cuz sometimes my frames all over
  5. no gsync, does that matter? otherwise looks pretty good
  6. Straight up just wanna know what the best option is because I can't find a clear answer. 144 or more hz, gsync, 24inch and 1ms response time. Color accuracy / stand adjustability / all the other factors im clueless on, any recommendations welcome, just want a solid monitor for games but not too much over $400 unless there's a real reason to. thanks for any help
  7. Thanks for spending the time to come back and clarify. I appreciate the info, ill stick to other major brands.
  8. Thanks very much for the info guys. Think im gonna go with a 1070, since it does what i want and its a good price point. Thanks for the help!
  9. I completely get what your saying. The problem is every time I want to upgrade to a new card, people say wait for something better to come out. I still have a 760 for that reason and I get what youre saying about VR but I currently have a Vive at home, but not a system that can play it. If a 1070 works fine then i would be happy to save $200.
  10. The "VR today" worries me a bit just because I want to have a future proof VR setup. There seems so little info on the 1080ti pricing and dates so I would have to choose between the 1080 and 1070. This again seems to be a grey area, some sources say both cards handle VR fine, others say they need every ounce of power for some VR games and the 1080 matters. Not sure if you have any insight, but Im starting to lean towards 1070, any good recommendations for 1070 cards?
  11. I saw the 1080ti confirmed yesterday but I dont want to wait many months, and I dont want to spend a ton more money, $600 is already pushing it. I would consider downgrading to a 1070 but im hesitant for VR, if it was just 1080/1440 gaming i would buy it for sure.
  12. I hope to buy one for VR, and from what I've read the extra power of the 1080 is worth $200 over the 1070. As for which 1080, I've looked all over and everyones opinion is different. Even looking at a brand like MSI has like 10 variations, and I'm clueless on how they affect cooling/noise and performance. I'd appreciate someone just telling me what to get, prefer to spend close to $600, just want a solid card. CPU: i5-6600k Ram: 16gb
  13. I understand that its better, but is it $150 better? As in is it really worth spending double, or is the performance too similar.