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  1. Aaron12345


    So I ran lldp run and show lldp neighbours but it didn't show any results, does lldp need to be enabled on the devices or something?
  2. Aaron12345


    when you run the command Show LLDP Neighbours on a switch, does it show the Description given to the Interface or the Domain Name?
  3. Aaron12345

    CISCO 9400 Switch

    So at work we have a big audit coming up, they want us to go to find out what machine, floor-box port and switch port are connected to. I reckon that we could ping out from the switch to see whats attached to each port and use that to build a spreadsheet. If anyone has any ideas? please save me from this monstrous task!
  4. Aaron12345

    Upgrade or new build

    So I will be getting the 2070 and a 1TB SSD to game at 1080p with 144hz panel, 1) I currently have a i7-4770, will I be able to out put the frames with this CPU? 2). 2 I have a 600T Corsair case stock with 1x 200mm intake and 1x 120mm + 200mm outake, is this sufficient cooling? All advice is greatly appreciated
  5. Aaron12345

    2080 vs 2070?

    yh the cards are over priced, a Vega 64 strix is going for £400 atm
  6. Aaron12345

    2080 vs 2070?

    What would you all go for 1) save as much money as possible 2) get a better cooler for some extra cash 3) get a better GPU but worse cooler because the previous card is close enough anyway 4) Go all out 5) RTX is a scam
  7. Aaron12345

    what custom cooler for the 2070

    So looking at the custom coolers I started to wonder which ones offer better solutions https://www.scan.co.uk/products/evga-geforce-rtx-2070-ftw3-ultra-gaming-8gb-gddr6-vr-ready-graphics-card-2304-core-1815mhz-boost https://www.scan.co.uk/products/asus-geforce-rtx-2070-strix-oc-8gb-gddr6-vr-ready-graphics-card-2304-core-1410mhz-gpu-1845mhz-boost Both have the same boost but one is £100 more, Just dont understand why. And I have heard 3 fans are noisy than 2, can anyone confirm?
  8. Aaron12345

    VPN Security

    I know that VPN reduce what providers can see in your traffic flow but what actual security does it provide? Does it help against man in the middle or other things like people hacking into routers to see what traffic is coming in and out? Wondering weather it is worth getting tunnel bear or not and so curious to what extent VPN's actually affect?
  9. Aaron12345


    Budget isnt a issue I just want a good deal to get high frames for my new monitor,
  10. Aaron12345


    4770 it's been along time
  11. Aaron12345


    Okay I have the ASUS gl502vm laptop but the DP is bust So thinking of reving my Home computer (5 years old) specs are the following; CPU - intel 7700 Mother board - Z87 deluxe Ram - 16gb Kingston hyper X GPU - MSI 770 lightning (miss the non flagship lightning cards from MSI) Storage - 500Gb Kingston HDD (man it's slow, when idle it is under 60% load) PSU - Corsair 750W platinum So I am thinking of the following upgrades and I will explain why; Replace the 770 for Vega 64 - why? Similar performance to 1080 but 50bob cheaper and just 80 more than 56 and freesync for my new Asus vg258q monitor Replace terrible HDD with 1Tb Samsung SSD What does everyone think?
  12. Aaron12345

    No DP input

    Wont be able to verify with another monitor until this weekend and cant see how to change display (video) output from hdmi to DP
  13. Aaron12345

    No DP input

    So I have had ASUS GLO502VM laptop for a year now and got fed up of playing on a small screen so the other day I brought a ASUS VG278 monitor It didn't come with any cables i could use and so i did the following; Connected a DP to DP to a DP to Mini DP adaptor to fit it into the laptop, no input signal (tried 2 different adopters) Got a HDMI and plugged it in and that works Got a DP to mini DP cable still no Signal Turn laptop off, unplugged power and HDMI from monitor and connected DP to Mini DP cable still no signal Tried dusting out the ports as they haven't been used since i had the laptop Currently no Signal with DP and have signal with HDMI Suspect fault laptop DP ATM looking for drivers as cant think of anything else. ALL IDEAS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED
  14. Aaron12345

    About to buy laptop

    Also are there any Asus rog laptops anyone can recommend?
  15. Aaron12345

    About to buy laptop

    I do have a pc but because I'm starting ict training I can't have a pc in the accommodation I'm staying in.