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  1. ijchan223

    4 pin pwm fan cable max length ?

    I built that signal booster on a breadboard and it didn't seem to work. I will try soldering it together tomorrow and see what happens.
  2. ijchan223

    Case and psu suggestions

    Personally I would go with at least a 750w , when you make a PSU work hard they tend to burn a bit more power. The card won't fit unless you remove the harddrive cages.
  3. ijchan223

    Good speakers for my desktop and a mic for my YouTube videos

    If you are streaming, i would stay away from speakers, you will have a lot of issues with feedback. I don't own a Blue snowball mic but it seems to be a really good choice, i will be picking up one to replace my zoom H2.
  4. ijchan223


    I have seen this problem before, it looks like a loose LVDS cable inside of the monitor. I would RMA it ASAP.
  5. ijchan223

    EVGA GTX 670 SC 4gb edition only uses 2gb?

    It is most likely to be a 2GB card, did you even bother to look at the sticker on the back of the card ? Total available graphics memory is how much of physical ram you system can use when you run out of VRAM.
  6. ijchan223

    Laptop battery use?

    It really doesn't matter too much, typically your laptop will turn off before you can actually damage the battery.
  7. ijchan223

    ASUS Xonar STX cover

    The only reason i have a sound card is because it has a better SNR than my on-board audio and it can provide more power to drive some higher end headphones.
  8. Front of the card it looks pretty sweet. Back of the card it looks pretty ugly and it is a dust magnet. I cut and added a EK back plate, now it looks pretty sweet.
  9. I am not a huge fan of the msi board interface, I would go with an asus alternative
  10. ijchan223

    GTX 660 vs GTX 750 ti

    In my opinion you are just dumping money into the trash bin when you buy a low end card.
  11. ijchan223

    What headphones are you using?

    Fostex T50rp
  12. ijchan223

    ATH-M50 Aftermarket Earpads

    People tend to put 840 pads on them , i don't own a pair of m50s however my 840 pads are really nice in my opinion
  13. ijchan223

    Should I upgrade from my V-Moda LPs?

    I find it hard to belive that anyone can have 3 broken hd 650 or better.
  14. ijchan223

    Looking for around 150$ headphones, 3.5mm

    ATH m50 is the best choice.
  15. ijchan223

    Is an amplifier worth getting for ATH-M50s?

    It really depends on your source, if it is a iphone it is more than enough to drive the headphones. I dont own a pair of m50s but i have a iphone/fiio e17 combo and to my ears it sounds pretty close.