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  • CPU
    Core i7 4790k
  • Motherboard
    Asus Maximus VII Formula
  • RAM
    16gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600
  • GPU
    Asus STRIX GTX970
  • Case
    Corsair Vengeance C70 Green
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    42" Vizio TV
  1. I like the virtual shot, thats some cool stuff
  2. They can notify people of windows upgrades the same way any other company notifies people of new products. This is an advertisement, regardless of the form it takes. One which they put into the update stream as an important update. It's underhanded in the least.
  3. Theres a new windows update, KB3035583, that just came out that only adds in a sort of advertisement, or nag, for you to upgrade to windows 10. I just noticed this updated and looked it up to see what it was. It isn't active yet but when 10 releases you will starting seeing nags to upgrade if you have this update installed. This appears to effect windows 7 and 8.1. It's even listed as an important update. The windows update support page only says it 'enables additional capabilities for windows update notifications', with no other information. This is the kinda sneaky BS that leads people away from a product. I will stick with windows 7 now until it no longer runs the stuff I use. By then Linux should be caught up enough to play my games and such on and I'm ridding myself of windows on my personal machine for good. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3035583 http://www.infoworld.com/article/2906002/operating-systems/mystery-patch-kb-3035583-for-windows-7-and-8-revealed-it-s-a-windows-10-prompter-downloader.html
  4. I think they open sales on Tuesdays or something
  5. https://account.oneplus.net/invite/claim/GLY8-PJS7-MJZM-RWXJ https://account.oneplus.net/invite/claim/GLVW-B4XK-OFFX-UKWF
  6. I have not checked if it shows in bios, it does not show up in disk management or device manager.
  7. I have 200 bucks tied up with that place, this sucks. And performancepcs is out of stock on what i want..
  8. My system has an SSD and storage HDD. It's only a couple months old. Sometimes my HDD won't be detected by windows. A few reboots and it shows back up. Anyone else have this happen to them?
  9. I liked the bitfenix one myself but she has picked a black case and i will deck it out with purple bling and fans
  10. Thanks for all the feed back everyone. I intentionally left out the OS, theres not much of a choice in the matter and it has nothing to do with the build recipe
  11. PCPartpicker: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/YxZrnQ The goal was supposed to be $400-$500 but its a bit higher. Would you change anything based on the pricing or parts choices? This is for the wife and will be a mild gamer and general use machine.. Also I'm not sure about cooling for this one, what would you guys do for a cooler?
  12. that bitfenix one is nice i think but my girlfriend doesnt like the only purple case i could find in the US of course lol
  13. Well I would take a case to my work, tear it down, sandblast and clean the finish off, prep it, clean it, clean it again, spray a primer sealer, wait, spray color, wait, color sand, clean, clean, spray clear, polish up the finish, and put it back together.. Or i can save myself the weekend and effort and just buy one cuz im lazy