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  1. . . . You guys are being pretty harsh to RTU
  2. Gizmosis350k

    Network layout showoff

    OMG I don't understand why u need so many DHCP servers when u have a built in one on your modem... this is all so confusing I dont even know how to compute any of this
  3. Oh my god.. I like it - I like it a lot .___. I guess the rest is history - I'll do some more reasearch on DD-WRT and pfSense, thanks a bunch .. Can you use the same antennaes you get with/buy for the ASUS? O_O I have three very long one
  4. Gizmosis350k

    If a good and loving and just god exists, then why...

    .___. unable to compute
  5. Gizmosis350k

    If a good and loving and just god exists, then why...

    . . . That's not a real animal.
  6. Here's the new version of the network map I want to have, leave your questions comments and suggestions please
  7. >> Added new network map Hey folks, I'm looking to transform my peasant network into something that can reliably provide internet to not only the devices within the house, but actually also provide a sort of hotspot where users can log in to surf during a predefined time period and/or just authorize specific devices depending on the scenario (the nintendo wii comes to mind... or not)** I'll start with a diagram of the existing network and the concept I want to build upon it. At this point, this missing components are a good access point, the PC I'd put pfsense/some other good auth network software and the custom software/combination thereof for the ASUS router. Here's the original sketch: Thankfully, I did a little skim over the network section before I posted, so I found that cool site gliffy that people were persuaded to post their layouts with. This was the result: TL;DR: I'd like to know a good outdoor AP to buy as well as the possibility of adding captive portal functionality to my Dark Knight : ) Network Details: >Speedtouch ST536v6 - These are great but on my current firmware ( I do get a little glitch syncing when cold booting (if you can use that phrase with a modem..) The network speed is terrible but I'm on orders so I can't really say no (or get better internet) moving on... >ASUS RT- N66..R -The proudest component of the home network is The ASUS RT N66..R. I specifically ordered U but got R instead thanks to some Best Buy thing.. apparently. At the moment it is unclear if I will be able to put DDWRT/Tomato on this without blowing the NAND to kingdom come. >Generic low quality cabling and a myriad of wireless devices These will be replaced and updated with the arrival of the access point. Hit me folks, I want to know how practical (ignoring the most obvious things) It can be to get this thing up and running. I haven't gotten a pfsense system as yet, but I'll be sure to fetch some good NICs if i can get my hands on them. I want the network to be capable of good throughput even though it is pretty much technically impossible to ever stress even Cat 5 running @ 10 mbit link speeds - I'd still want the capability and reliability of those kickass networks : )
  8. Gizmosis350k

    Explain Your Username

    [Gizmo][sis][350k] My sister weighs 350 kilos. Also, ever seen Osmosis Jones? Cool stuff. Drixenol ought to be in every convenience store.
  9. Gizmosis350k

    Watercooling R9 295x2

    I see well that's one bright idea out the window early
  10. Gizmosis350k

    Watercooling R9 295x2

    How easy is it to just add a pump, res and a little tubing to the existing waterblocks on a 295x2 x2? One good pump should be able to cool all 4 GPUs and the CPU correct?