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  1. You can always run Tron Scipt if you want to get rid of everything that might be causing trouble. You need to reboot into safe mode (by pressing f8 when booting and selecting safe mode with networking) to run it properly and it takes a few hours, but it cleans absolutely everything cruddy or virus-y off your computer.
  2. You can't install a Windows system onto a dynamic volume if you have any of those set up (meaning they span or mirror across multiple disks). If the disk you're installing it onto has existing partitions, make sure to pick the right partition during the installation phase. It WILL wipe the content on the partition you select, but the other partitions should remain intact.
  3. Try rebooting your computer and installing again. Your computer may be trying to install something else and failing and Windows only lets you use the installer service for one install at a time. Rebooting should cancel any pending installs and free up the service on boot.
  4. 2 days in, rank 400 on the team and climbing... http://fah-web.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/main.py?qtype=userpage&username=ericvolp12
  5. Nah, there's a youtube video at the end - (Hint, if you right click and inspect element, copy the div entirely, paste it into a plaintext editor, you can easily see what lies within)
  6. I think this news combined with the new CFO might just be wallstreet poking it's nose where it shouldn't be.
  7. This feels uncomfortably similar to Aaron Swartz...Not exactly the same, but same concept if it was suicide
  8. There's a downside to leaving your motherboard exposed all the time.
  9. Lol, sure hope you don't use it to start your computer regularly though
  10. It could be that the microphone port isn't powered properly and may be a Line-in port instead. If that's the case, getting a cheap usb microphone+headphone adapter might provide enough power to amplify the mic volume to where you're more comfortable.
  11. Hey, can you send a photo of the Front I/O connectors on your motherboard? The part with all the tiny wires you had to plug in carefully one by one near the bottom of the board if you installed it with the rear I/O at the back of the case. EDIT: Where you plugged in these thingies
  12. Hahaha, thanks, I appreciate it. I'm at 1.2-1.3M right now around 28 hours later.
  13. I've done the calculations. Mining would get me around $300 if I ran all I could for an entire year. CPU's are terrible for coin mining in an ASIC market.
  14. Hey, glad to hear you've made a choice. About having to have 'extreme skills in one language': A lot of programming languages are really similar, especially Object Oriented Programming Languages like Javascript, Java, Objective C, C#, Kinda C++, Python, Ruby, and many others. Once you learn one of them fairly well, it becomes pretty easy to learn the others. Don't get caught up on becoming really good at a specific language though because trends change all the time, and a language and framework that was relevant today might become obsolete tomorrow. Just learn what you find interesting and go with the flow!
  15. BTW I've already made my way onto the roster around 17 hours in
  16. I had it going about 20 minutes for that. The current estimates from HFM look like 1.28M PPD
  17. Lol, I don't own the servers or live anywhere near them. It's like having a ton of AWS credit.
  18. Coming from someone in the industry, PHP is old and will die eventually. Javascript and Node.JS have begun showing how powerful they can be, if you've seen Walmart's website, it all runs on Node.js. Learning javascript will help you build not only server side applications with Node, but also client side web interfaces. Plus I'm pretty sure there are a ton more jobs for Node or front-end javascript developers these days.
  19. Hi, I've got a storage / Plex media server running on my local network, running Ubuntu 14.04 and I want to map one of it's drives to use as a network share on my Windows machines. I've installed and configured Samba, but for some reason, I always get an issue when trying to map the drive on the Windows side. It's always an 'incorrect network password' issue. To clarify: I have no domain controller or domain, this is a home network. The folder/drive mapped in the samba config is properly permissed to be used. I have created a user on the linux server and given it the right permissions. I have run sambapasswd -a <user> for the user to set up it's samba credentials. I have disabled LAN encryption of SMB credentials in my Windows group policies. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
  20. Oh, okay. Thanks for the info Yeah, they're only CPU's tho, 256 2.5Ghz cores of Xeons. Probably astronomically cost inefficient, but hey it's free to me.
  21. Yeah, gotta wait for my numbers to stabilize before I can make any solid predictions
  22. Am now folding with 8 x 32 vCPU VM's running in a datacenter at around 135K PPD each, and a 16 vCPU server in a datacenter getting around 67k PPD.
  23. Okay I've been staying up secretly, spinning up cloud instances. http://fah-web.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/main.py?qtype=userpage&username=ericvolp12 Watch that for a day I should be getting points around a rate of 8 million a week.