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  1. My ViewSonic Xg2402 gaming monitor feels perfect on my PC plugged in display port to display port with super low input lag. When I plug it into my Acer Predator Helios 300 laptop via mini display port I notice much more input lag. Resolution and refresh rate settings are the same on the laptop as PC. Both look and feel the same except for the input lag. I've tried some settings in Nvidia control panel and updated graphics drivers and nothing has helped. As a competitive gamer this is quite detrimental to me and any help is appreciated
  2. Hello, I have a viewsonic XG gaming monitor that works great with my PC but when I plug it in via the mini display port on my Acer Predator helios 300, I notice a significant amount of input lag on the monitor that does not occur with my PC. I notice it just using the mouse and in all games. The laptop display itself is also laggy, but is there anything I can do to fix this?
  3. I have a Viewsonic xg gaming monitor. On my pc it feels great with unnoticeable amount of input lag but when i plug it into my Acer Preditor Helios 300 laptop via its mini display port i notice a bit of input lag. Everything else is fine. Any idea of what is causing this? Thanks.
  4. Tested with modem directly connected to my pc. Results are the same
  5. Yesterday i noticed my upload speed was extremely low and unstable. Google speedtest gets anywhere from 0.08mbps to sometimes getting up to normal speeds (30 ish mbps), downloads are normal. OOKLA speedtest gives normal upload and download, but streaming to twitch is not possible due to the upload speed. Im on a netgear R7000 router and CM1000 modem. Here is the log from the modem if anyone knows what any of it means.
  6. Tried streaming today at 6mbps which usually runs fine with now issues. Today the bitrate wouldn't stop dipping below 2mpbps which is really bad. I did some speed tests, OOKLA test got normal results, with normal upload speeds, but the google speed test got normal download and REALLY low upload. Checked router and modem, both are on latest firmware. Restarted both and nothing. Checked speeds on my phone and other pc and similar results. Is this just some weird internet shit going on? or is this a sign somethings off with my stuff? Thanks.
  7. now im down a rabbit hole just trying to download the goddamn real tek audio control from the broken windows store. It just says error when i download
  8. I want to hear the audio from my switch with my desktop audio through my headphones. My mother board is a msi B450 Tomahawk and has a "Line in" 3.5 port. When i plug in a source it picks it up but plays through the same source as my microphone. A separate device shows up called "line in" in the recording tab and shows when it's plugged in, but doesnt get any sound. The line in audio and the mic audio go through the same microphone source for some reason. Any one know how to fix this so they are seperate.
  9. OK on driver installation, there's no config for IR 2525, there's ir adv and ir adv pro and bunch of copies with different type numbers. Which do I do? Also an auto select and basic config option
  10. Canon IR 2525 shows up and works fine over the network on my Mac desktop but not on either of my two windows laptops. On one, a printer shows up named with the printers ip, but doesn't work and it doesn't show up at all on the other laptop. I tried installing generic plus drivers, the recommended driver from canons website, but at the stop where it has to find a printer, nothing comes up. Any ideas? Both the Mac desktop and the laptops are on wifi
  11. The springs in my mic stand are slipping off. How do i fix this. I dont wanna die.
  12. SOLVED: PSU was bad lol MOBO: Asus H170-pro https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/H170-PRO/HelpDesk_Manual/ PC was sleeping, wouldn't wake up from keyboard or mouse input (it usually does), pressed power button, it turned off. Pressed power button again, LED's in case are still off, ethernet light on and flashing, and a power indicator led on the motherboard is on. I looked up what the light meant and it means the pc is on, sleeping, or everything in-between. BEEPS: chapter 2. (side note, if the order in which this information is being delivered seems strange, its
  13. Oh I refreshed and got a new one with priority of "warning" and says B-INIT-RNG Failure - retries exceeded
  14. Lmk if it's too hard to Read. I also tried rebooting from the website and it rebooted and same thing happened. There's also a factory reboot option. Is that a good idea? I asked Cox to send a refresh signal. They said they did but nothing happened to the modem