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  1. You can get used Pascal cards for dirt cheap thanks to the crypto crash. I got my 1080 Ti Gaming X in like new condition for £495
  2. A lengthy post,thanks for sharing! regarding the Enermax, do NOT get the first gen TR4 cooler, ONLY get the 2nd gen (the TR4 II) because the pump died or got clogged in my unit. It ran at 70c at stock at load and 50c at idle at stock . It was 28c idle and 58c at load before the pump broke at 4Ghz. Now I have the 2nd gen and it works just as well, if not slightly better. The pump is a different design and apparently they have addressed the pump issues. Currently have fans at 50% so 1100RPM. almost silent. 26c idle, 35c gaming and 56c in stress tests, all at 4GHz.
  3. On my 1950X system, I managed to get my CPU to 4Ghz Stable with 32GB of HyperX Predator RGB RAM (quad channel) to 3400Mhz at stock timings (15-17-17-39) verified that both were stable (AIDA64 for CPU and 4 runs of Memtest for the RAM) so what sort of OCs have you managed to get on Ryzen?
  4. Hey allI am using the latest BIOS and Aura software on my board. Anything other than the default setting puts the DIMMs out of sync. When i click static colour only the 2 DIMMs to the right of the socket light up. i have them in a quad channel configuration The product code for the RAM is:HX429C15PB3AK4/32Thanks
  5. Hey all, I think my 1950X at 4Ghz is bottlenecking my 1080 Ti. At 1080p I regularly dip into the high 40) and 50s on GTA V and only get around 100-120FPS in DOOM For the record, I am not just a gamer, and will be using the systen for rendering and video editing too and the 1950X was a steal for £500 Could the fact I am only running dual channel RAM and a old HDD that runs at 130MBs as my game drive contribute to the bottleneck?
  6. I decided to skip this one and get the MSI Gaming X I mentioned in a previous thread for £495. Seller says this card hasn’t been mined onl is a year old, and will include proof of purchase so I still get 2 years of remaining warranty
  7. I’m planning to bid on an auction that is ending in a few mins. ‘The Guy has used his 1080 Ti to mine and it’s 6 months old. It does include proof or purchase. ‘It’s the Aorus 1080 `Ti
  8. UPDATE: seller got back to me and said Card is from June 2017 and warranty here is 3 years so I should get 2 more years out of the card
  9. A guy on eBay was selling his used 1080 `Ti for £530 but I managed to shave £35 off via the offer system to £495. Is this a good deal and should I go for it? it wasn’t used in mining, is in perfect condition and the proof of purchase will be included should I go for it?
  10. My favourite by far has to be TheTechSource.TV (the real TechSource, not the new one) i stsrted watching these guys in early 2012, even before I started watching LTT later in the same year I loved their simple review style where they just sat in front of a camera and reviewed products. I miss those types videos, they were more personal and straight to the point
  11. I had my X99 rig for 4 years. Decided to upgrade as my 980 Ti blew up thanks to faulty memory inductors so I didn’t want to take any chances. I got CPU and mobo brand new half price on auction from eBay so that’s why I got threadripper
  12. I got a 1950X for £500 new on eBay as I am building a workstation for uni after my 980 Ti in my X99 system blew up (crappy reference design) i jsve OCd it to 4GHz on all cores and it maxes out at 60c which is good
  13. I have g sync so I’m not too worrried about matching the 240FPS exactly. I would like 100+ Minimum Mostly FPS games like Battlefield and COD, with some PUBG and GTA V too
  14. Hey all ive found a good deal for a 1080 Ti STRIX for £535 used but in mint condition I was thinking about getting this over the 2080 Ti as that is double the price I am running an Asus XB272 240Hz monitor. will this card be good considering how pricey the Turing cards are
  15. Has anyone else noticed a big difference in mic and audio quality in general when moving from a board with an ALC1150 codec to an ALC1220/SLC1220? On my old board i had to boost the mic and it didnt sound great at all, on the new board, it sounds great, everything at default with no boosting. It sounds like i had got a new mic when in fact its the same Roccat 5.1 Analog headset ive had for 2 years Why is this? is it due to a better amp?
  16. Sources: https://twitter.com/VideoCardz/status/1036261478695952384 https://wccftech.com/nvidia-rtx-2080-ti-3dmark-score-allegedly-leaks-35-faster-vs-1080-ti/ The 2080 Ti achieved a score of 12825 I think that we should wait for final drivers to be released and reviews to come out, as that could extend the score further. If it is indeed only a 35% jump, then i might as well get a used 1080 Ti
  17. Thanks so much for the reply Im more interested in the DLSS stuff, where the Tensor cores handle the Anti Aliasing and super sampling, so it frees up resources on the CUDA cores
  18. I have an Acer XB272 G sync monitor and my GTX 970 is having issues with g sync, so im getting a new card soon. What would you recommend? I can get a GTX 1080 Ti bought outright for £500-650 or should i wait and get the 2080 Ti for £1000. But for the latter, i can get it on 0% interest financing via PayPal Credit so i can pay off the 2080 Ti over 6 or 12 months
  19. A turkish tech site with over 93K subscribers have finally compared the 1080 Ti to 2080 Ti There is no article on their website but they have released this YT video 3 hours ago: The test system had a 7700K and 16GB RAM I will post the scores in case the vid gets taken down: Here are the results: PUBG:45% jump; 2080 Ti: 61.6FPS 1080 Ti: 42.5FPS R6 Seige:46% jump 2080 Ti:90.1FPS 1080 Ti:61.6FPS Witcher 3: 28% jump: 2080 Ti; 56.4FPS 1080 Ti: 44.1FPS Crew 2:23% jump 2080 Ti: 58.3FPS 1080 TI: 47.3FPS For Honor::52% jump 2080 Ti: 78.3FPS 1080 Ti: 51.7FPS BFV: 38% jump 2080 Ti: 75.2FPS 1080 Ti: 54.5FPS GTA V:27% jump 2080 Ti: 78.2FPS 1080 Ti: 61.5FPS Mass Effect Andromeda: 39% jump 2080 Ti:67.3FPS 1080 Ti:48.4FPS Far Cry 5: 55% jump: 2080 Ti: 68.9FPS 1080 Ti: 44.4FPS COD WW2:22% jump 2080 Ti: 61.1FPS 1080 Ti: 50FPS So overall there is between a 20-60% jump in performance. This is due to premature drivers
  20. I'm having issues with my GTX 970 and my G sync monitor For a while it was badly lagging in games. The other day the screen started going blank whenever I play games. What happens is that it switched to the game for a few seconds then goes blank for a few seconds, this repeats Dissing g sync fixes the blanking screen and most of the lag In my monitor settings it says mode normal so g sync is not recognised by the GPU Is this a GPU issue or a driver issue? I updated to the latest driver and the lag persisted, but then the blanking screen started happening I will be ditching the 970 soon for a 2080 Ti anyway after the reviews come out 0so I can cope with G sync disabled for a few weeks
  21. wow now i figured out why my 980 Ti wont boot and it makes a short, high pitched click and then shorts out the system
  22. Ive had some weird issues with my GTX 970. Mainly it is that when streaming using OBS or shadowplay, usage dips below the 97% mark, sometimes into the 40s and 30s causing lag. It is always in the mid 90s when playing normally, so surely that cannot be an issue with the CPU? Also, when using it normally, the screen flashes and it resets the display connection with my G sync monitor. It has sometimes trapped me in the BIOS with a blank screen Also, when playing BF4 it lags and takes time to catch up with my mouse. What could be causing that?
  23. Not sure. considering that all Asus cards and an EVGA card has leaked, im assuming its on the launch date of august 30th