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  1. Tekku

    Mechanical Keyboard Club!

    What has been happening to rgb keyboards with blue switchs in EU? Was trying to find a claymore with blue switchs, but looks like it never came to EU and it looks like Asus is not even selling claymore anymore, also, Coolermaster seem to be out of stock on most of the blue switchs keyboards
  2. Been wanting such software for ages too, just something simple to input everything manually and it showing me everything simply and that works with Euros Will look at those in the link
  3. Tekku

    Mechanical Keyboard Club!

    Yeah I had that happen to me also on a ducky and I just RMA it without any problem.
  4. Tekku

    Show off your latest purchase!

    I think in Europe they are rebranded has HEROFIBER? is that right?
  5. Tekku

    Followed Content 2

    Hello, and sorry to do another topic but the old one was closed and I didn't have time to see if everything was ok, but the manage followed content page doesn't work for what I want. Before we had a page with all the followed content and I could jus click on a link to go to the last read post so that I could catch up from where I left before. Anyone know if there is any other way of doing this?
  6. Tekku

    Followed content

    So the manage is also used to see the content we follow? ok I was thinking that was just a page to change the followed content.
  7. Tekku

    Followed content

    Hello guys sorry if it's my mistake, but where can I find the "tab" or whatever that shows all my followed content, It's just showing the management menu under our username window.
  8. Tekku

    My New Overkill Build

    Hehe it's overkill in the sense that I'm not That hardcore gamer or that the plataform itself is still overkill for gaming while a 4970k would be enough Yeah I used it for a few hours with the new setup and it just looks like she has a new life, pretty good for a free card that I got in a giveway on my birthday by a localshop in my hometown
  9. Tekku

    My New Overkill Build

    The only thing with my current system is just that you can notice the age already, but I still play ARMA 3 mods, ARMA 2 MODS, DAYZ SA, BF3 and a little BF4 it's not with huge fps or something like that, but when you can't have better is better than nothing With the new system when I tried it, I immediately noticed the fluidity in desktop/Chrome, and DAYZ SA was of the other world hihi
  10. Tekku

    My New Overkill Build

    Lol not at all, it sure holds up just fine for it's age, but it's not overkill at all right now
  11. Tekku

    My New Overkill Build

    Yes she is, that's why I picked this one, and didn't think too much on the overkill
  12. Tekku

    My New Overkill Build

    Right now I wouldn't recommend the shop where I bought it because of my problem, but if you want to go at your own risk it's at caseking.de It's a German company, Goodluck
  13. Tekku

    My New Overkill Build

    Look I din't bought the 980 because I didn't want to, has I said I'm waiting for what comes out now and what the new APIs will do. I'm not in a rush, and I can wait for a few things, for what I do 670 is still top notch. I will wait for what comes next
  14. Tekku

    My New Overkill Build

    Hello guys, first of all, I really know this build is overkill, so don't loose your time letting me know this like people did on other foruns I have been wanting to do this for a lot of years right now, but I never had the job/money that allowed me to do this until now. Actual Computer: CPU - Intel C2D E8400 @ 3.00GHz Board - Asus P5QL-PRO RAM - 4 GB Corsair Dominator DDR2 Graphics - Asus GTX 670 Case - NZXT Phantom (First edition) Cooler - Raijintek Themis Storage - SSD Samsung 840 Pro 256Gb + 3.5TB other mechanical HD New Computer: CPU - Intel i7-5830k Board - Asus x99-E WS RAM - Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB Kit (For now I had to go with this kit, I wanted to go for blue RAMS but had to got this in RED because the difference in price was more than 100€ just because of different color)) Gráfica - GTX670 (I will keep this for now until the new generation comes out and we see what the new APIs will do) Caixa - Phanteks Enthoo Primo (Black and White with White Leds) Cooler - Raijintek Themis (I will keep this too until I decide what to do, go for watercooling custom/AIO/air cooling)) Storage - SSD Samsung 840 Pro 256Gb + 3.5TB Other Mechanical HD (I will keep this until I upgrade to a Bigger SSD and to a unique and bigger Mechanical HD) Here you can see some of the boxes that came, the case box is out of the picture because it was HUGEEEE. The CPU already on It's right place And then problems start I assembled 3 of the RAMs just fine and when I get to the last I notice the RAM is just not right when I lay it in the slot, and I take it out and guess my surprise when I see the slot is broken :'( Here you can see the little plastic that was broken, if you look at the first picture of the RAMs you can notice the slot is broken With the little plastic the RAM still goes in place but doesn't stick there I just tried to mount everything to see if everything works and I get no more problems. In this two you can see everything assembled for the short time I got to see everything working fine and find what I got to do next. After this I had to disassemble it and go back to my old hardware, I contacted the shop caseking.de for the warranty and basically they told oh yeah you can send it back but it's probably on you this problem :'( I still send it back and i'm now praying for a little bit of luck :'( I found to that my PSU was not enough for this build and i'm now in the process of buying a new one, probably a Coolermaster v1200 or a Seasonic P 1200W. And I'm thinking to about the cooler for this machine, I don't know if I want to go for the custom loop and have the work and pay the huge amount of money it costs or go with a Coolermaster 240M, or with air cooling.
  15. Tekku

    Mechanical Keyboard Club!

    Guys any shop in europe that I can buy pbt keycaps and USA(Ansi I think) layout?