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  1. TheRealHannibal

    Get RTX 2080 ti or wait for next gen?

    Those are very interesting. Will have to see/read some reviews on those.
  2. TheRealHannibal

    Get RTX 2080 ti or wait for next gen?

    I've been very tempted to just go get a 1080ti. 1440p is where I'm looking for a monitor. If they come out with a ultra wide 1440p 120/144Hz IPS G-SYNC monitor, I'll do what was necessary to push those frame rates and buy an appropriate card to go with it.
  3. TheRealHannibal

    Get RTX 2080 ti or wait for next gen?

    I'm coming from 2 GTX 980s and have them in a custom hardline water cooling setup I am able to push any current game at 1080p max, but I'm about to upgrade to a ultra wide 1440p or go back to 3 1080p in surround. I am wanting more horse power to run games in VR as I am seeing some struggle in games already. I only like upgrading every few generations r because of cost and time it takes to do the hardline (not much I know, but time is time). I am liking what I see with RTX enabled. I play mostly Metro, Project Cars 2 in VR, Battlefield, Tomb Raider and Crysis. Should I go and drop 1600 on the top EVGA RTX 2080ti and call it for a few years or wait for the 3080ti whenever that is being spoken of or arrives in the next 1-3 years. I know Ray Tracing is just eye candy, but in Metro Exodus, it looks to really enhance the spooky factor of the game. Any thoughts?
  4. TheRealHannibal

    Why no EVGA MoBo's?

    sorry, missed that one. I haven't seen this BIOS/UEFI
  5. TheRealHannibal

    Why no EVGA MoBo's?

    ha, has anyone here used EVGA MotherBoards?
  6. TheRealHannibal

    Why no EVGA MoBo's?

    They are Intel only and have a warranty that you can blow them up and you can get a new one. They used to have lifetime warranty, but now just 3 years.
  7. TheRealHannibal

    Why no EVGA MoBo's?

    So I've watched for a few years now, and I have noticed why Linus primarily uses Asus Motherboards. I have used EVGA boards since i7 Bloomfield days, and have loved them. I think their warranty is par none. I do like Asus, but I would like to know his opinion on other MoBo's. Does anyone else on here use EVGA boards or other brands? p.s. this is my first post and I am sure its horrid
  8. TheRealHannibal

    Sony Xperia Z2

    Dedicated camera button and watter proof? what more could an adventurous chap want! And adventure orange skin with Linus' name on it? Perfect