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AMD Lover

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Status Updates posted by AMD Lover

  1. When you run out of money, like completely L(

    1. EpicGeekonFire


      So you selling your 780?

  2. Windows is pissing me off

  3. I write up a big paragraph to tell people info and then they dont read it :( Makes me mad people saying stuff about things they dont know about

    1. wng_kingsley7


      What was the post regarding?

  4. I think I could listen to Maroon 5 all day, lol

  5. Viruses oh the viruses

  6. Damn I'm tired

  7. Am I like the only one who uses Skype?

    1. Bluejay0
    2. AMD Lover

      AMD Lover

      Only like 3 of my friends have an account on it.

  8. I hate some of your guys GIFS. I cant stop starring at them!!

  9. I think i need to clean out my rad... #Folding

  10. I hate it when Windows 8 just decides to restart without your permission to finish an update...

  11. Felt like a nerd when i went on about outlets in this thread

  12. Started out with around 1800dpi and now im comfortable using 3600 after gradually increasing. I was to used to old cheap mice

  13. Forgot i had my USB drive in the back of my computer and when i set it down i bent it over. Surprising it still works after bending it back, lol

  14. I hate it when the power goes out

  15. Damn ISP get your act together and fix my internet

    1. looney


      Just firebomb their HQ....

    2. looney


      o0 and linus media group is not responsible for your actions and bla bla bla and such :p

  16. Takes forever to upload 9MB images on a .65Mbps Upload connection

  17. I feel stupid now that I bought a 780. Just why, I should've just gotten a 770

  18. I eat over my keyboard, sue me, lol\

  19. Buying a GPU is hard

    1. Bluejay0


      Tell me about it...

  20. I use paint because i want it to look like it was made that way not dipped in plastic.