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    i5 3570k
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    MSI Z77A-G45
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    Dual channel 8gB Corsair Vengeance
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    STRIX GTX970
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    Antec One
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    256gb Crucial M6, 2x WD Red 3tb 5400
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    EVGA Supernova NEX 750B
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    ASUS VG248QE
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    CM h212+, Cougar Vortex 120mm PWM, 4 Cougar Turbine 120mm black, YL D12SL-12C 120x20mm
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    Logitech G502
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    Logitech X-530 + Logitech X-240
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  1. I see. Well, thanks anyways.
  2. Well it turns out I wasn't stable at that speed even with my cores turned off which is a shame cause I thought I'd be in the same voltage table there, but if I have to do that to see those speeds it's basically useless anyways is what you're telling me?
  3. trying to get my turbo to run 45 on 1 core/44 on 2 but HWMonitor reports max speed is 43 on all cores even with prime95 1 thread test. I've tried enhanced turbo on/off and reducing 1/2 core speed to 44 all to no avail. What gives?
  4. Trying to understand what these are and what they do and what I should have them set to for overclocking?
  5. I realize it can cause stability issues which is why I'm looking at vdroop. I'm only running 4.3ghz so it's very conservative because my goal is to have a green/silent oc.
  6. I'm having stability issues running overwatch with my auto voltage overclock and am wondering if it's my vdroop setting. It was set to auto when overwatch was crashing and I've literally just set it to 50% since I read someone saying to set it and forget it at 50%. Is this setting still ideal for an auto voltage or can I be more aggressive and set it lower like 37% etc.?
  7. It shows the turbo and non-turbo speeds as being the same. I figured out that it disables turbo if you change the baseclock which is the same on modern boards so big derp from me. I would, however, like to know how it can get the 3.33ghz turbo as advertised without touching the baseclock. I don't have any experience with older mobos but this one is capped at 22x ratio and with a 133 (stock) baseclock I can't even get the chip past 2.9ghz turbo...
  8. I have an old i5-760 on a p55-usb3 mobo and I'm having trouble getting the turbo boost to work properly. I can read the turbo speed in the bios and it always says it's the same as the baseclock and I have no idea how to change that.
  9. Sorry guys, I was too fast for you and figured out my own problem. I needed to set the multiplier to auto instead of 34 for turbo to activate for whatever reason.
  10. Decided to try and make my OC more green by increasing turbo boost instead of the base clock but I can't get turbo to kick in. I've been stress testing with intel extreme tuning as well as running Overwatch with afterburner OSD and it stays stock 3.4 at 100% usage in both scenarios. I have enhanced turbo turned on in the bios as well. Could any of the eco settings be stopping turbo? I've turned them all on except for EuP 2013.
  11. this was exactly the kind of formula I was hoping for thank you!
  12. z77a-g45 i5 3570k dual channel
  13. Which is better for gaming? Is there a way to easily calculate without having to benchmark all my games?
  14. Momenaut

    need specific hard pad

    I'm looking for a hard pad that has a surface as close as possible to my ikea desk I've been using thus far. I've felt a textured pad and it's softer than that but it's not quite silky smooth either. I'd also like it to be large size 17"+. And before anyone asks, no I can't keep using the desk as it's wearing.
  15. Momenaut

    can't enable xmp with new ram

    So it just reverted the OC on restart and I'm stuck back at 1333... went back and changed the timing mode to link like you said and the advanced config but it's still stuck at 1333