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  1. To me, the games have only now reached the top quality, Doom Eternal, Cyberpunk, Death Stranding, and DLSS just got updated to 2.2, and the whole ray tracing. So no, it's only the beginning for me.
  2. I'm concidering going from 34" 21:9 75Hz to a 32" 4k 144Hz for better Hz, so I preemptively ran the game at 16:9 ratio to see the changes in picture. I feel like there's a lot of missing information not being rendered at 16:9 unless changing FOV could bring it back. I always felt seeing the enemies on far left and right has given me an advantage, now it's like I'm wearing blinders.
  3. I've been looking for a flat Ultrawide for a while but the best I got is 75Hz from LG. Where's one HP at 144Hz on the horizon, but it needs a review in terms of color.
  4. 4k 144Hz and nothing less than that.
  5. I'm looking at https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16824716004
  6. Driving 4k is non-issue with DLSS 2.2
  7. I've rested a 120mm fan on top of ram and temps get to 46° at worst case.
  8. Dude, just get this F4-4000C14D-32GTZN and forget about all your problems.
  9. Are they going back from the woke to a their normal roots? The trailer looks sick, hope the helicopter is not like in BF4 being instakilled by infantry.
  10. I was shocked to learn that some games can get an fps boost from a CPU as much as from a new GPU.
  11. I got bored of games 7 years ago, but some of the new ones are damn good, made me move my ass and upgrade to the cream of the crop.
  12. Talking about new Mobo/CPU/RAM. I used to do it every 10 years, then 5, now I'm like fuck it, and just do it every year.