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  1. What in the world did I just read, how old is he?
  2. Ok, I returned and bought a flat pg43uq instead
  3. I believed the internet and got a 38" curved monitor and I think it sucks for editing photos in Photoshop. There's no way to get used to deformed photos especially if you are trying to fix the very thing it's trying to do in the first place. I desperately need other's opinions before I return it this weekend
  4. There's an observable difference shown in this thread, in videos and screenshots
  5. This is the monitor you want, 10-bit at 120Hz, 8-bit at 160hz 38GN950-B
  6. Probably depends on the quality of management, my location always has ice cream
  7. Found his thread and checked ASUS website, it was indeed BIOS. I'm so used to these download pages be dead for years, that I didn't expect to find SEVERAL new bios version already since the last week I built a PC, the team must be on fire with this new board. The stupid Armoury Crate still offers an older BIOS for download, I trusted it in the first place, isn't its only job is to monitor things like that like a hawk.
  8. I just checked the Asus bios page and there were a bunch of updates, installed the latest and now iGPU popped up.
  9. I'm using 1080ti, but wanted to check the integrated GPU just to know I have it, and then in BIOS there's nothing and no signal from a motherboard to a monitor, wtf man
  10. What's the cost, is the extra milk worth a freaking high tech headset?
  11. Your CPU, your high rez monitor, the raw power output is what makes you tick. The best tool for the job to make you succeed in life. A computer is your sword, that took time to build and refine. Now fire up your machine and go slay the day