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  1. Donster HD2

    abnormal behavior from my PC (Any Help)

    I did upgrade Flash player Also OKAY I will do the sound drivers I will uninstall them!! and reinstall one !!!
  2. Donster HD2

    abnormal behavior from my PC (Any Help)

    I got it plugged in the back.
  3. Let's get started 1. My audio jitters and makes sounds e.g (errr, eee, aaa, etc) for a couple of seconds maybe even half a second but still noticeable. 2. I do get the Driver error thing and i will tell you what i have tried to resolve it The list is below. The List: Changed the TDR to 8 then 10 then 0 Nothing happened reverted back to original value. Under-clocked my GPU (R9 270x) Back to original Turned up my fans to 80% - 100% Nothing Back to original Try'd to under clock my CPU Back to original Used a different user still happened I have a USB 16gb 3.0 and an extra hard drive so both can be used to diagnose this problem if i have to. MemCheak nothing cam up done it for 24H once then over night to 3pm No errors (Thinking of getting new ram tho) The services that is used to defrag my system is not working Plus Task scheduler not working I changed to not using GPU accelerator Everything worked fine played games that use Direct X still fine Played mine craft Crashed on me same as Flash games and emulators of all sorts crashed. I have Who crashed The program If that's needed. Changing to OpenGL working perfectly nothing happened. Disk error checking thing did that as well. Used safe mode everything fine 3. Fans slow down when the black screen happens and programs crash when this happens some don't. I'm thinking of reinstalling windows i don't have a optical Drive because that one broke. Or installing Linux mint as i side OS
  4. Yesterday i called i talked to them he said change your Wifi channels, after that i told him i have wired, :mellow: he was there.. saying nothing.. Then he said wait :angry: What a useful person he is. I'm going to try to recall the My isp and no he didn't say about sending no one about it :angry: Nop i have no data cap I have a unlimited data plan
  5. Tried everything except the last 2 nothing happened I can't even stream 8k youtube also it fine
  6. I will give it a try 1sec
  7. werto165 With that you cannot use steam are you sure
  8. I used wired and this has been going on for about 3weeks or so Also i have restarted and tested everything it's the same close to the same
  9. There's something wrong with this and i just can't figure out what is wrong i used to get 26Mbps constantly but now this 0.60mbps my upload is 4Mbps :mellow: used to be 10Mbps Any help in resolving this?? It's a really close server i'm using and i tested a lot of other servers
  10. PC Specs: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit OEM An A10 7850k (integrated Gpu turned off)(scavenging from the CPU Heaven off my basement because my Cpu stopped working) GPU: R9 270x Sapphire Ram: G-Skill 4gb 2x4 1600mgz stuffs MotherBoard: Msi A88xm E45 Case: Fractal core 1000 Cooler: deep cool 300 The Screen tearing: everything that i run has the sort of tearing to it google Sketchup, games, flash Aftereffects, adobe flash CC , also blender Black Screen Flicker: when i turn on a game or do anything that is sort of intensive or just open a program my 2 screens for 3sec turn black after that then a program is unresponsive then im back to my Desktop. Google Sketchup: closes Explorer or Explorer closes it self? (-‸ლ) Scanned with a shit toon of shit so i don't have a virus I used Hitman pro Malwarebytes Avast Anti Rootkit by kaspersky This is becoming a pain in the asss :angry: :angry: I think all of this comes together some how :unsure:
  11. When turning the gpu position of a APU off does the whole thing get cooler or outputs less heat meaning the cpu can overclock better Or ???????????????? :unsure: