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  1. in the first foto there seem to be 2 black dots inside the connector could it be that those are getting in the way?
  2. Open administrative tools (search for it using search bar), there run Windows Memory Diagnoatics; let it restart the PC and do its thing. This fixes the bug with hard drives not showing up. The drive needs to be plugfed in, of course.
  3. If it already has stuff on it, plugging it in should be enough?
  4. Faster RAM will onlymake a difference in CPU intensive games. Same for CPU overclock, but to a smaller extent.
  5. Wait. Ryzen will only be marginally slower, but it'll offer a mich better bang for the buck.
  6. Bitcoin can be traced using blockchain analysis. Ever heared of coin tumblers? That's why they exist.
  7. Linus said that it is not happening any time soon in one of the last 4 WAN Shows
  8. Not very long. Manufacturers are most certainly already mass-producing them since they'll want to have them available for when the CPUs come out. And since whoever takes longer to put them on store shelves will be outsold by the rest, the'll probably be rushing them out within a very short timespan of CPU release.
  9. Probably best to wait the few days til Zen comes out to sew what happens. You'll be able to get more cores for the same price, which for content creation is nice.
  10. Not necessarily. If you play CPU heavy AAA titles, maybe yes. But otherwise, not really.
  11. @App4that Thank you. I just wanted to know what exactly the statement was based on, since that idea was new to me and I had been led to believe the oposite in the past.
  12. Same as what people who DDOS websites gain. Nothing. But they do it anyway. It's just a conspiracy theory. But anyway, best of luck.
  13. So you get the perks that come with it? It means that you just want to be let in on all of the confidential information so you can sabotage/dox/ddos the forum. It would make sense seeing as You created this account on Tuesday Your first post was aking to be let into the dev circle You don't seem to really know what floatplane is about You seem way more interested in becoming a dev than in actually helping out You are unable to make a specific list of your supposed programming languages and keep being ambiguous about it.
  14. What is it? That you do not really care about the floatplane club and this is all about becoming part of its group of people to fulfill your evil agenda?
  15. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA why are you so cheap, it's just 3 dollars...
  16. I would guess that by making yourself stand out somehow.
  17. I have a magic crysal ball but I forgot it at home. So you can maybe list your specs?
  18. "I know programming" is the most ambiguous statement you could possibly make and also completely meaningless. What languages do you know? How much experience do you have with each one of them? What projects have you worked on so far? What other specific technical skills do you have? Can you show something off that reflects your proficiency in each one of your skills? Also, try again after christmas and after CES; they won't be looking at the forums much right now.